Re-prioritize in 2018, Become more profitable in 2018
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Re-Prioritize to Catapult your Wealth

What better topic to blog about than re-prioritisation? After all, your priorities often times determine your net worth and your network. The amount of people that hear people make comments about other folks priorities being jacked up probably barely make the connection in how true that is for the majority of the world. The difference… Continue reading Re-Prioritize to Catapult your Wealth

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Declutter Your Mind to Become More Focused

Some days, I am completely on track, I meditate, I go throughout my days with a breeze and my vibrations are on super bass but then there are times when there's so much crap floating around in my mind that I can't even sleep well and even when I try to meditate it's hard to… Continue reading Declutter Your Mind to Become More Focused

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FOCUS : Prepare by Reflecting

What's up Moguls! I have missed you all tremendously and as motivating, inspiring and positive as I come off, I'm still human. I have my days/seasons when I'm going through things and I don't feel MOTIVATED. I'm not inspired to write which means, I'm not always inspired to share and that helps NO ONE. I… Continue reading FOCUS : Prepare by Reflecting