Hi! My name is Misha Mayhand and I just recently relocated to San Diego, CA  from Detroit, MI where I was formerly known as Intuitive Mimi and Metro-Detroit’s Lifestyle Blog for the Ambitious Girl/Woman pursuing the Ambitious Lifestyle. Since gaining tremendous exposure internationally, I decided to open the flood gates and take my show on the road. After all, it is my life purpose to reach as many people as possible with a primary focus on women. Why?

  1. I’m a woman and I can relate
  2. Women suffer in the realm of mental health more than the ladder species
  3. I do believe with proper coaching that us women can be successful in all that we do while maintaining loving friendships and relationships.

It is not an either-or ordeal!

I’m a two-time published author, media personality and two-time business owner. I have a journalism degree from an accredited 4-year university and I’m passionate about helping women identify the significance of their story so that they may pass the torch and help someone else. There is power in our stories and in story telling. Let me help you create the life you want! #GetMotivatedWithMisha


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Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 





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