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Execute Your Way To More Wealth in 2018

Welcome to the post that focuses on EXECUTION. We’re nearing the end of the month which also means we’re getting closer to a new year. Are you ready? You better be with all the time I’ve taken to help you get prepared. If you haven’t already .. I suggest going back to read all of this month’s blog posts as they all tie into each other in helping you get more FOCUSED so that you can bring in more PROFITS in 2018 but in case you haven’t here’s a light recap of what I’ve covered: In the beginning of the month we focused on REFLECTION.

Reflection is important in helping you understand where you’ve been and where you need to go next. We then focused on DECLUTTERING. It’s important to do a brain dump so that you can see what’s holding you back/distracting you and then you’re able to move forward in working on solutions by PRIORITIZING. Once you’ve prioritized what you’ll tackle first then it’s time to come up with a SYSTEM.  Now it’s time to start executing our goals. It’s time to put that schedule to work.

Take advantage of the time you have alone and get to WORK. In that time, we need to be honest with ourselves  about what we actualy have time for and that is how we are going to execute. We are going to simplify to get shit done so if you only chose up to two hours a day on your goals I expect you to be working two hours a day on the assigned task that you said you will be working on. What I am also going to be doing is occasionally checking up on those who joined my email list for this video series. I definitely want to create some type of accountability so that I can help further you along.

You know the purpose is to stay on track and be more efficient in 2018 so if you haven’t already definitely go back, review the videos so that you can become fully prepared because this year is going to be amazing but only if you want it to. Don’t get stuck looking at everybody’s success and achievements wishing that it was you.  Listen, we all deserve and that’s why I want more than anything to take as many people with me as possible but you must follow my direction so that you can see results. It doesn’t happen over night but with diligence and consistency you will see results. You can always reach out to me with any additional questions during my Q&A sessions on IG Live(bi-weekly) or even pop onto my Facebook Live(weekly) and engage with me. Outside of those opportunities you are always able to book me for a consultation, if you’re looking to take your personal brand and/or business to the next level and are looking for creative ways to market yourself using content. I have been doing this for so many years now, four years to be exact and have consistently been a business owner going on three years. I’ve invested in quite a few business coaches and consultants so I definately have some insight in regards to what helps and what doesn’t. I can’t wait to see how you transform your year through the power of focus and I’ll be right there cheering you on and providing you with additional resources.




The Situation Mechanic

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Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 


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