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Implement a System to Increase your Wealth

Welcome back! That’s assuming that you’ve been here before and have been following my previous blog posts. This week I wanted to focus on helping you to create a personalized system for your to-do lists/goals etc so that you can make time and show up for all those things that it is that you want to accomplish. Primarily, those things that you dumped out of your brain because they were in there for a reason. So, I want you to now focus on the most important thing (to you) that you came up with and then after you prioritise what’s most important, I want you to come up with a weekly schedule for yourself so that you can start focusing on what it is that you are going to be doing every day over the course of your week.

This is to be repeated every week until the task is complete.  The reason why we’re having you do the same thing, as I discussed in my e-guide Self-Management for Leaders,  is so that you can get in the habit of working on these things every day until it becomes a habit. You will inevitably have a productive 2018 if you follow these techniques consistently. You can achieve all that you want to achieve in a single year if you put your mind to it! I have a wonderful track record of putting goals on my list and accomplishing everything within the year but I also know how it feels to not hit most of those goals and feeling really depressed behind it. The purpose of goal setting is to hit 90% of the goals on your list within the time frame that you predicted but that’s only possible if you show up everyday and consistently.

2017 wasn’t the most focused year for me because I was hit with some pretty serious setbacks due to the huge transition I was/ and are still going through. The only difference now is that I’ve pulled my self out of the distraction and worry bubble and jumped back into the game. Most people would have folded and ended up worse but as a lioness, it is known fact that I always land on my feet. So, as I jump back into the game and hit the ground running, I’m ready to pull you with me so we can live our best life in 2018 and we’re going to do that by building habits of success through FOCUS. Watch this week’s tutorial video below as I demonstrate how you are going to set up your weekly system so that you’re more FOCUSED and PROFITABLE in 2018.


[Video Here]


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