Re-prioritize in 2018, Become more profitable in 2018
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Re-Prioritize to Catapult your Wealth

What better topic to blog about than re-prioritisation? After all, your priorities often times determine your net worth and your network. The amount of people that hear people make comments about other folks priorities being jacked up probably barely make the connection in how true that is for the majority of the world. The difference between Mikey the Millionaire, Beyonce the Billionaire versus everyone else (whose not) is that their priorities matches their money mindset and your money mindset starts with what your priorities are. Believe it or not, becoming wealthy has the least to do with just saving money rather than your mindset overall.

Everything starts with your mind.

Why do you think mental health awareness has become more and more of a topic particularly in the black community and business world. It’s because the state of your mental makes or breaks your profitability and the odds of you being able to create wealth consistently.I was having a conversation with a friend explaining that I’ve changed a lot over the past year and that my primary focus is to focus on love instead of fear. Now, after they told me of all these business plans that they had and how excited they were that things were finally starting to make sense and in a sense become easier for them in regards to retaining money, they said that they’d rather live in fear because LOVE is the illusion. I beg to differ and stated that LOVE is the only real thing that exists in this world and fear is the illusion.

He said, he’d rather believe in fear over love and because of that he will probably not get very far (if he truly believes that). People often tie love to romance without understand that it’s way deeper than that and has a lot to do with whether or not you tap into your abundance. If we choose to live in fear our entire lives, some of us would have never quit those jobs , went into business for ourselves and made six figures time and time again. There are too many people that can vouch for this ideology including myself. When I operated in fear, things got bad for me and I attracted more negativity than positivity.

When I chose to focus on love , everything moved around easier for me in the universe. So, what does this have to do with re-prioritizing? Very much. If you choose to focus on negativity: throwing shade, gossiping about people, undercutting people, being jealous of others etc — all these emotions and characteristics are fueled by FEAR and the excuse that people always make is “well I was in my feelings.” Why don’t you get into some GOOD feelings and get your priorities in check?

Last week, I had you to de-clutter your brain by writing down every single thing that it is that you want to do and that you’ve been thinking about doing particularly for 2018. So, now I’m gonna talk to you guys about what it is that you should be doing with those post-it notes/or that digital bulletin board that you created on either Trello or Asana that lists all of those things that you dumped out of your brain. Particularly, for those that used a poster board and post-it notes, what you’re now going to do is prioritize every single idea that you came up with and organize them into categories. I want you to organize vertically or horizontally by most important to least important.  I of course, posted a YouTube tutorial on this technique this past Wednesday so for those that missed it, you’re able to view it below.





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