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FOCUS : Prepare by Reflecting

What’s up Moguls! I have missed you all tremendously and as motivating, inspiring and positive as I come off, I’m still human. I have my days/seasons when I’m going through things and I don’t feel MOTIVATED. I’m not inspired to write which means, I’m not always inspired to share and that helps NO ONE. I have a quote written on my mirror that says, “If you quit, no one wins.”

This has helped to pull me out of my funk especially during those times where it seemed that everything was crumbling around me. I’ve been semi-vocal about my experiences (there’s so much you still don’t know) and how my mental process have changed tremendously since making the hugest decision of my life to move across the country to the West Coast. It’s been a difficult transition but it’s given me the opportunity to completely rewire myself and to truly hit reset and START OVER. I didn’t have much of a choice as it seems as I’ve lost so much since coming out here. I lost everything but I wasn’t going to lose my mind, though I felt on the brink of that many times.

I said, MISHA YOU HAVE TO FOCUS! Perhaps all this is happening for a reason. In fact, I knew it was. You see everything has a purpose tied to it. We may not always know the reason but trust and believe there is a reason. Even when it seems that circumstances are getting worse, I promise that in the end you’ll see that everything was for your greater good.

It is the last month of the year and what better time to reflect on how the year has gone then the month of New Year’s Eve. We will be entering a new year in about what—31 days, 32 days. So, if you are anything like me, you are probably thinking this year did not go the way that I thought it was going to go. It was very tough, lots of lessons, but now, you are ready to get up on the ball and turn 2018 into a year that you know can be a year of prosperity and abundance. 2018 will be the year that you truly make a name for yourself, whether it’s in your 9-5 or in Entrepreneurship.

What I want to help you do for the rest of the month is simply reflect on all the things that you were supposed to accomplish. Make a list of all those things. Secondly, separate the list and create a list of all the things you’ve accomplished and how they made you feel when you did. Create a third list of all the things you were supposed to accomplish but didn’t and the reason why.

If you wrote down your goals for 2017 prior or made a vision board, refer to that. The main idea is to take inventory of all the things that you were able to accomplish and then also the things that you were not. What are the reasons why? Once you write down all the reason, take a look at the reasons and ask yourself if any of your reasons sound like excuses? If the reasons sound like excuses and they probably do, your set backs have more to do with YOU rather than the circumstance behind why it didn’t happen.

One thing I’ve learned this year through my big transitional move from Detroit to Southern California where the cost of living is 63% more here than what I’m use to; through a lot of the unfortunate things that happened during this journey, the number one reason as to why I was not able to stay focused on my goals once getting here was distraction and fear, which has more to do with ME rather than the circumstances that were happening. You can never be too prepared for bumps in the road but I’d say looking back, a lack of planning on my part as well as limiting beliefs is what got me off track.  I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I thought I’d be for what awaited me ahead. It’s because I did what many are not willing to do. I took the leap not focusing on the HOW OR WHAT but rather the WHY. Where I dropped the ball was when things started happening, I allowed myself to get scared again and it froze my progress. I was running into troubles that I had not experienced in life and so I started operating from a LACK mindset which is the best way to limit yourself and your progress. So, then it was like everything I worked hard for in the first and second quarter, didn’t matter because I was moving backwards like I didn’t know any better.

I was so focused on business that I didn’t consider how the move would affect me personally, mentally and spiritually. I had to un-program myself from certain beliefs and rewire myself. As Angel Brown, author of Fatherless Daughters: A Different Perspective mentioned in her blog post Who Would Have Thought , I too suffered from the entitled mindset of “but this shouldn’t be happening to ME.” I often thought about all that I accomplished and how I use to have this and that and how everything that I worked hard for I felt like was taken away from me, including my good credit that I worked so hard to build upon graduating college. It’d seemed that my life had turned from sugar to shit real quick and I just wanted to move back home to get my things in order.

My first few months in California, I was already confiding in a friend that I didn’t think “it was for me.” While, I still feel like I wouldn’t settle here long-term. I am still welcoming the experience because it’s helped me grow so much as a woman. It helped me realize how ungrateful I was before and how I took so many things for granted even when I thought I was being humble. Success is truly a mindset and just as I want to be successful, I want you to be successful as well by helping you to transform your mindset.

So this month’s focus will be on helping you all to prepare to tackle 2018. I am taking the entire month to prepare and I’d love it if you’d join me. Every Monday, I went LIVE on Facebook as I’ve been doing every Monday since November 14, 2016. That was the date that I posted my first Get Motivated with Misha video which I was just calling Misha’s Motivations. I took my snaps and download them and upload it to Facebook to share what my motivation was for that day and from there I decided I wanted to do that every week to help my friends and family to stay motivated throughout the week. Every Wednesday, throughout the month I’ll be posting a new YouTube tutorial to assist you in this task of reflecting on your successes and losses this year. I will be doing not only FB lives but tutorials every week to help you take the necessary action step to get results!

Check it out, and subscribe here so that you’re notified of my weekly lives, weekly Youtube Tutorials for Success and weekly blog posts so that I may help you get on track for 2018. In order to be successful, you must have an accountability partner of some sort. If you’re serious about taking control of 2018 then I’m more than happy to help. I’m working towards becoming a Millennial Millionaire and then beyond that but I understand that SUCCESS starts with my mindset and then my PLAN OF ACTION. I’m ready, are you?  Don’t get left behind this year! If you’re hesitant on taking action, comment below as to your reason why. As I stated before, I’m here to help! Also, I recently did an interview with SHETV where a I share some of the struggles that I’ve experienced mentally just this year and why Ambitious Mix will be getting a facelift because of that.



The Situation Mechanic.


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 


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