Are You Your Biggest Cheerleader?

When something GOOD happens in your life, what’s your reaction and how do you handle it later on down the road? Do you just forget about it and disregard it after the feeling has left you? I really hope you’re taking inventory and keeping count of all that you’re accomplishing. It’s ok to toot your own horn, honey. If no one is rooting you on from the stands, your higher self is.

Every time you accomplish something your higher self is rooting you on because whether you see it or not, everything is happening in divine order and this is exactly why you should be rooting for yourself. Everything time you’ve accomplished something that you know is going to get you closer to the life you desire, celebrate. Go Gina! Even if you are already living the life you’ve always dreamed of, don’t stop cheering yourself on. Show God just how grateful you are for his mercies and favor. God likes faithfulness and gratitude because he knows with these two things, you’ll be able to stay motivated in working towards your purpose.

I talk to myself… a lot. I talk to myself because often times I am my biggest cheerleader. Even when other people don’t see it, I know that I always have the option to move forward… even if it is just me, myself and I. I am constantly rooting myself on because I know how it is to feel that you have no one in your corner. I’ve felt like a loner my whole life. I have plenty friends and family but I could just never seem to fit in. I was always interested in/focused on “different things” than that of my peers.

Even to this day, I don’t think my family/peers quite understand why my make the decisions that I make in regards to certain situations. At the end of the day, I’ll be 28 next weekend and feel as though I’m past the age of explaining myself to people. I have a strong track record of success (tooting my own horn) and don’t feel the need to solidify who I am through other people’s opinions. Therefore, If I feel strongly about something, I’m going to pray about it and if God gives me the go ahead, I’m going to go after it with confidence. I can honestly say I am my biggest cheerleader but sometimes I can be my worst enemy as well. I’ll be talking about that more in depth tomorrow on the DGGLS blog. The point I’m trying to get across is always be cheering yourself on so that when others don’t see it, you’re still able to keep your eyes on the prize and WIN.

“They say life’s a marathon not a sprint, either way I’ve still got to win the race.” -Drake

You’ve still got to win either way and why not have an extra person in the stands cheering you on…that person being YOU. Love Yourself. Toot your own horn and keep cheering you on!

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated.


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