Enjoy Yourself and Celebrate ALWAYS

Celebrate your Wins

Always count your WINS! I’ve been posting all over the place that August will be a month of celebration. Not only because my birthday takes place this month but because it’s time to start celebrating.

August is such an interesting month because it is the eighth month of the year. I’ve been seeing everyone post about how the number eight means “new beginnings” but I wonder how much they’ve actually researched themselves or if they’re reposting something that they saw on someone else’s page. The number eight is the infinity symbol simply meaning “complete and unending abundance without any lack.” The number that symbols ever lasting  and infinite possibilities.

I think you’ll see more about this than the fact that it represents “new beginnings”. Each day marks a new beginning. Each week marks a new beginning. Each month marks a new beginning and of course each year marks a new beginning. We are always waiting for something to happen or come so that we can make a change or expect something to just fall into our laps. First off, any amount of disbelief has to be resolved.

You can get excited all you want but if you do not believe then what ever you’re claiming to expect will not show up. Second, stop waiting on a “new” anything and get started now. This week’s Get Motivated with Misha is about that very thing. Get started today! Celebrate today! Make it happen without waiting for “something” to come around. You’ve accomplished enough.

Take a break, look around and celebrate your successes thus far. Stop looking for the next beginning without finishing out your current journey. We get so hung up on it not being ENOUGH. Next month I’ll do better. This year is my year.

Next month is a new beginning so I’m going to start fresh. Well why weren’t you able to work at it everyday? You couldn’t pace yourself because you’re blind to your progress. You can’t even see the successes that you’ve obtained thus far because you’re too busy housing the thought of failure in your mind. This is likely because you’re either living in the past or too far into the future.

Get out of your own head, give yourself credit and celebrate your wins! I guarantee that pat on the back that you give yourself will give you the ammo to keep going consistently and to pace yourself. You’ll be able to identify what’s working and will be able to focus primarily on that instead of what’s not working. When we focus on what’s NOT working, we talk ourselves out of everything. Are you doing this? Don’t be your worse enemy and biggest criticizer without identifying what it is that you’re actually doing right. If you’re a subscriber of my monthly Get Motivated with Misha newsletter then you know that i’m doing a 30 Days of Intention Challenge in my Facebook Group the Motivated Moguls.

We will focus on affirmations, being intentional, having accountability and self-care hacks. I’d love for you to be apart of this so August can be a month of celebration as well. Of course, this challenge starts on the 8th day of the month and will commence on the 8th day of next month. August 8-September 8 we will work together to transform ourselves so that we can get everything we desire going into this last quarter of the year. I encourage you to take the challenge.

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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