Are You Your Biggest Cheerleader?

When something GOOD happens in your life, what's your reaction and how do you handle it later on down the road? Do you just forget about it and disregard it after the feeling has left you? I really hope you're taking inventory and keeping count of all that you're accomplishing. It's ok to toot your… Continue reading Are You Your Biggest Cheerleader?


How To Count Your Wins

It's time to take inventory! Remember I mentioned that in my last post? Let's dig a little deeper. I'm always talking about gratitude and being grateful. Being grateful is what helps you take inventory of your life. Simply acknowledging that you truly have something to be grateful for is TAKING INVENTORY of your life. Keep… Continue reading How To Count Your Wins


Enjoy Yourself and Celebrate ALWAYS

Always count your WINS! I've been posting all over the place that August will be a month of celebration. Not only because my birthday takes place this month but because it's time to start celebrating. August is such an interesting month because it is the eighth month of the year. I've been seeing everyone post… Continue reading Enjoy Yourself and Celebrate ALWAYS