It’s time to Balance and Surrender

For the longest time, I’ve been receiving messages from the universe to Balance and Surrender. I’ve been seeking work-life balance this entire time but have just realized what that truly means on a deeper level. Finding balance and surrendering is something that I have been trying to learn to do a lot better since I discovered that the universe was actually demanding it from me and for a very long time. I still get signs to this day and I notice it’s typically when I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious.I kept seeing the number combination “819” everywhere and like I said, I’ve been seeing this for years!

I’m not really a superstitious person but the only thing I could attribute to that was either it meant good luck coming or that I should play the lottery (this combination has literally come out in the lottery during a week where I repeatedly kept catching this number combo on the clock). It never occurred to me actually look up the number combination until this year and of course during a time when I’m on one of my biggest spiritual journeys yet. 819 also happens to be the month and day of my birthday. I always thought it was interesting that I would catch this number combo often on the clock. Again, I thought it was just “a good sign”.

One day, I decided to look up what it meant to see a reoccurring number combination and what the numbers meant together. I had already heard that eight(singular) was a number that represented new beginnings. The number eight has been quite significant in my life. In fact, my book launch was on 4/8/2017.   The 4th month of the year, being half of 8 and if you focus on the numbers “2017” and break those in half then you’ll realize that “20” minus two is 18. 1×8=8 and “17” plus 3 is 20. The number three has always been my lucky number since I was a little girl.

I graduated in 2008 from high school as well and from college in 2013. I can go on and on but I share this with you to say that it’s not a coincidence. I’m very analytical so even in these hidden forms , I spotted a pattern. I’ve never been into numerology but I had to look up the reasoning for consistent number combos. It sorta started to become really “in my face” and there’s only so much that we can deem a coincidence.

What I found was that these number combos that keep appearing are referred to as Angel Numbers. They’re referred to as Angel Numbers because it is believed that these number combinations are just one of the many ways in which Angel’s communicate with you. Once I understood this, I googled “819” and it’s meaning and found out that this number combination means to balance and surrender. I love this explanation that I stumbled across which I felt was dead on in regards to who I am and what my life’s purpose is as well as how I deal with adversity. “Angel Number 819 is a message from the angels to maintain a positive attitude and optimistic expectations to do with your Divine life purpose and soul mission.” I knew when I read this that it wasn’t a coincidence.  I read lots of info on the number combo but this is my favorite because it’s spot on. You can read the entire meaning here.   The best part points out trusting the angels to take on my anxiety and fears. I had just read in a book how it is crucial to surrender to the universe and believe that it will work everything out in your favor. I’ve been hearing all my life to trust in God and to cast my cares on him. I also believe God will find ways to constantly deliver the same message to you until it clicks. Especially for me because I’m hard-hearded and sometimes things need to be presented to me more than once.  It’s no coincidence that I was born on 8/19/1989. My life has a purpose over it and like many of the sites stated that I’ve read about this number combo on, the world needs me.

So, when I finally learned that that number combination meant to balance and surrender and especially after reading in a book that it was very important to balance and surrender, I said, “you know what? This message is being presented to me multiple times throughout the universe, I really need to find that balance I haven’t seen for years.” It was just another confirmation of what my purpose truly is. If you’re seeing number combinations or are getting repeat messages from the universe, pay attention to them! The angels are answering all of your questions but are you inclined to listen?  Listen, I’m a control freak too and I’ll be the first to admit that surrendering is tough but when you became aware of all the greatness of the universe, you cannot ignore its power. Balance yourself by getting into alignment, meditate, pray and talk to God. Cast your cares onto him and do your part. I can assure you that he will see to it that the universe does its part. Balance Yourself and Surrender to what you cannot control/change. That being your past and future.

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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