Showing Gratitude to Redirect Your FOCUS

Last week, we talked focusing on becoming the person YOU want to be. Well, you must possess a necessary component in making sure that comes to fruition and that component is GRATITUDE. You must always be FOCUSED on being in a space of gratitude. That means in order to get everything you desire, you must first appreciate all that have and understand that you actually already have more than enough. You see, the law of attraction states that you always attract more of what you’re always focused on.

Chapter for in my book Life After 25: Intuitively Me titled You Get What You Focus On So Focus On What You Want, also agrees with the law. IF you want to be a certain type of way, you must believe that you’re already that person and you must be grateful for having all that you desire and then some. What I’m asking you to do is simple. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! While focusing on being who you want to be, the person that has all that you desire, think about how grateful that person must feel. You’re future self is grateful because they have everything they desire within arm’s reach but why wait until you get everything? Why not count your blessings right now to show God that you’re grateful for what he has given you thus far. This will unleash and attract more of your desires to you because instead of you focusing on what you don’t have (which will actually create resistance and attract less), you’re instead focusing on what you DO have which will attract MORE to you. DO you get it?

I wrote an entire chapter surrounding this phenomenon before I could even fully understand that effect that my thoughts truly have on my life. You get what you attract, if you always complain, you shall remain. If you’re always giving back, the universe will see to it that you’re always being rewarding from unexpected sources. That’s just how God has everything set up. I always say, “Happiness is a choice.”

When I got to a point in my life where I truly understood that, I vowed to always put happiness first. Why? Because Happiness is positivity and positivity attracts more positivity. Audrey Hepburn said it best, “Happy Girls Are The Prettiest.” Do you not agree with that. Being Happy not only makes you look pretty but it makes you feel pretty too. Feeling is a big part of manifesting exactly what you want (whether good or bad). When you emotionalize a thought, you breathe life into it.

Practice showing gratitude and be grateful for who you are. Be happy in knowing that you get to be the exact person you desire to be and believe that GOD will see to it that happens. Visualize how you’re going to FEEL when you get every single thing you desire and acknowledge your wins on the daily. Take notice of all the great things that are happening on the daily that play a part in you becoming that person you want to be. I think we get so hung up on the end result that we don’t even notice smaller blessings taking place. The smaller blessings are what prepare you for the BIGGEST BLESSING. Enjoy the process and don’t miss out on witnessing your miracles because they’re happening right in front of your eyes …EVERYDAY but you’re too busy focusing on what you think is NOT happening in your life fast enough. Don’t stunt your growth and blessings . Change Your Mindset. Break the habit of negative thinking.


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