Focus on BEING Who You Want To Be

One of the greatest epiphanies I’ve had this year was understanding that when something BIG was coming my way it was time to get into character. You cannot understand this without first BELIEVING it. I saw the transition coming months ago and the thing with transitions is that it’s not a one time thing. You will go through many transitions during your life as you experience CHANGE.  I knew my life was finally heading in the direction that I’d desired after all these years because I started to first see the change happen with the people around me and in my community.

I thought to myself around February/March, “it’s happening” and you have to prepare yourself for what’s to come after. You have to step into the mindset of the person that is use to these “things” happening, and I did. Once I arrived to Southern California, I was able to let my guard down just a tad because no one knows who I am (yet). People typically find out my background once they strike up a conversation with me and are typically impressed. Moving to California was a huge goal of mine which involved me taking a leap out on faith and getting mentally prepared for my departure/arrival.

Now, since being here now two months, my focus is even sharper and I have more defined goals and desires in place. Interestingly, while reading books and listening to podcasts, the topic of BECOMING or BEING the person you want to be (your future self) in the present has presented itself quite a few times. I wanted to elaborate on this and share this technique with you because IT WORKS and I know that because I’ve done it myself prior to even reading it in a book or hearing it on a podcast. I’ll say it again, I’ve been manifesting things before I even knew what that was. The whole idea of BEING would be what people tend to refer to as “faking it until you make it.”

I personally believe that in order to BE you have to BELIEVE and when you believe, it’s not really “faking” it more so than it is “faithing it”. You cannot wait to get the things you want and then believe that you’ll act accordingly. You have to first act accordingly to get the things you want. It’s what the Law of Attraction is all about. You’ve heard it your whole life, “You are what you attract.” This is the naked truth!

I talk about this very thing in my book Life After 25: Intuitively Me. I am a walking testimony. I’ve spoken to children on Career Day about knowing who I wanted to be since I was a little girl. Yes, the road gets rough and the process isn’t always pretty but in the end it’s always worth it, isn’t?

How will you practice BEING? 

First, ask yourself, “What does the person (that I’m trying to be) focus on daily?” This is not a question that you can find out from society, rather the answer lies within. That means you have the answer to this question. Remember success is based on your terms. Everyone’s idea of SUCCESS is not the same. So, ask yourself the question and start being that person! I’m offering free discovery calls to anyone who wants to start BEING and build the habit of consistently being.

Click here to schedule your discovery call

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 


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