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Trust the Tracks: Breaking Bad Habits

It’s no secret we’re all creatures of habit and unfortunately for many of us this affects us negatively. We get so use to doing things a certain type of way that it becomes hard to shake when we actively decide to make a change. Of course, being your favorite motivator I want you to overcome the obstacles tied to this. It first starts with what I call DEFEATING MENTAL BLOCKS.



How are you going to do that?

The solution typically lies within the problem and the answer to your problems usually lie in the questions you ask yourself about the problem. How often do you listen to yourself in the time of  crisis, grief, setbacks etc? Our minds are usually going a mile a minute when we’re faced with uncomfortable times so, here’s the procedure. I’m going to walk you through first defeating mental blocks and then how to break or build a habit.Trust the tracks, defeating mental blocks, breaking bad habits, building new habits, be free, be consistent

DEFEATING MENTAL BLOCKS:  Assume GOD knows all, sees all, has the answer and is revealing it to you now. Close your eyes and reflect on that statement for a moment. Your new attitude shall be that GOD is bringing about a happy solution— this will enable you to find the answer (works for me every time almost instantly)! Having such an attitude will bring about peace, order, and meaning to all your undertakings.


We’ve already admitted that we’re all creatures of habit but did you know that habit is the function of your subconscious mind? You literally learned to drive a car by consciously doing these things over and over until they established tracks in your subconscious mind which can also be referred to as becoming “second nature”. Things become second nature when your subconscious mind reacts to your thinking and acting. With that being said, you are free to choose a good habit or a bad habit. If you repeat a negative thought or act over a period of time you will be under the compulsion of habit.

The law of your subconscious is compulsion.


In order to break a bad habit we must realize that we have to harmonize the functions of the conscious and subconscious mind. You have to understand that there is no obstacle in your healing other than your own thought. Once done, you will then use the power of your mental picture for good instead of bad.

PROCEDURE: Practice relaxing your body and getting into a relaxed drowsy meditative state. Fill your mind with the picture of your desired end, knowing your subconscious mind can bring about it the easiest way. What is the end result? Visualize it, trust and believe it’s coming. DO THIS EVERYDAY until you get the results you so desire.

What’s the purpose of doing this? 

Think about when a snowstorm hits (for those of you that are familiar with snowy winters). What is the first thing experienced snow drivers do? Experienced snow drivers typically look for the tracks in the road and they follow them expecting these tracks to lead them to their desired outcome—making it home safely. This is exactly the same mind set you need to have when it comes to building habits. You need to actively be like the experienced snow drivers, be consistent and continue to follow the tracks so that it can lead you to an expected outcome.

How do the tracks get there? 

The tracks get there by doing the very first thing I mentioned in this post. Trusting (GOD and assuming that he has the answer to the problem) that by making the tracks, it will lead you to your desired outcome and then you continue to follow the tracks in a consistent nature so that you ensure that get the outcome you so desire as well as pave the way for someone else who needs to be shown the way. That is what I’m doing here today! I’m paving the way for you because I’ve tested this system and have seen the successes that have come because of it. If you’re tired of making the same mistakes and are ready to create the life you want, I’m taking on three new clients to primarily help them break bad habits and build new GOOD habits so that you’re able to free yourself from unnecessary set backs but it all starts with YOU. Reserve your spot today!

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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