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The Cost of Ambition: You will need to make time for your loved ones

This concludes our Cost of Ambition series for now and of course I’ve saved the best for last when it comes to seeking this Ambitious Lifestyle.  When living the Ambitious Lifestyle we tend to lose track of time and this is a given.  I’ve talked about making time and creating schedules for yourself because it’s so important when it comes to keeping your sanity and not burning out on this unique journey called life.  I think one of the worst things that take a hit are those relationships that we actually really care about. You’re aware that the Cost of Ambition will have you losing friends but loved ones are a different ball game.

Cost of Ambition series, Cost, Of, Ambition,Make Time for Loved Ones, Make, Time, For, Loved, Ones, Balance, Work-life balance, Schedules, In the zone, Women In Business,

There are people in your life that are just simply irreplaceable. With family members, significant others etc, how do we balance it all? We HAVE to balance it because if you have people that you really care about you absolutely have to make time for them. So, how can you make time for people that you love when living the Ambitious Lifestyle? We all agree that we have to make time for those we love and we have to fit them into our schedules, so here’s three tips to help you fit your love ones into your schedule while chasing your dreams.

  1. Create a digital planner that syncs with your phone’s calendar so that you’re able to get pop-up notifications when it’s time to spend time with your loved ones and commit to the time that you’ve set aside for them.
  2. Once in your time frame, put your phone on DND or turn it off altogether so that you’re able to give that person your undivided attention and you should suggest that they do the same. 
  3. Journal about your time with your loved one and how you felt while spending time with them after so that you always have a reminder of the great time that you have with them, thus creating a habit subconsciously that makes you want to spend time with your loved ones because you’ll look forward to feeling like that AGAIN.


Why it’s so important

Remember when I was wrote about having a day for self-care? Well, you definitely need to have a day to spend time with your family or loved ones or even if you just categorize it as doing something recreational it needs to happen. Select a specific time during the day that you can spend time with your loved ones, especially if you live with them. My client is engaged so she has to make sure that she is able to block out a few hours around her day job as well as her side projects so that she is able to attend to her significant other. This is non-negotiable for those in committed relationships.

When I was in a relationship, we always made sure we had dinner together on the days where we were both home. I knew to close my laptop at a certain time regardless of what I was working on outside of my day job so that we could have time to talk to each other, unwind from the day and touch bases about what was going on in each others lives. This is very important in maintaining those relationships that you cherish. Naturally, I always fit in time most days to make sure that I was communicating with my mom because she matters to me probably the most out of everyone. It’s may seem hard at first and I know sometimes we get caught up in things that we want to do and then you get what I call being “drunk with ambition” where you’re just kinda like, “I’m blocking everybody out and I am in the zone.”

In all honesty, be able to identify when you are in the zone so that you can pull yourself out of the zone as needed. If you can’t identify when you’re in the zone and when you’re not then you’re gonna kinda do it without realizing that you are ignoring people and that can make them feel alienated. You definitely don’t want that to happen with relationships that you care about so I think that it will take effort from all sides. I think that they have to respect that you have certain schedules in place and that you need to also stick to your schedule. Honestly, that’s really gonna be the only way that you are successful.

You have to be very organized especially when it comes down to scheduling and doing things when you say that you’re going to do with them. Once that timeframe is done then move on to your next task. Your loved ones may not like initially like that you have to schedule them in but they have to understand that you’re a person that wants to be successful so this has to be done. The fact that you’re even being considerate of their feelings and fitting them into your schedule (because your time is very precious) should help them understand that you are choosing to include them. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about that.

All in all, try to find a schedule that works for everyone and stick to your guns! I promise you once you get yourself on the schedule you start sticking to that schedule it will make your life a lot easier. Well as always it was great chatting with you all.

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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