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The Cost of Ambition: You will lose friends

I think you’ve heard this before so what I’m about to say is nothing new but to those that are just starting out and awakening their ambition, I feel compelled to to inform you of this one true fact. On your way to the top, YOU WILL LOSE FRIENDS. It’s not as bad as it sounds depending on your perspective in the situation and how you decide to let it affect you. Life happens, you change(hopefully) as you grow and unfortunately it will make some uncomfortable.

Again, it sounds bad but when you think about it, it helps “weed” out unnecessary distractions. The cost of ambition will have your “friends” feeling some type of way because you’re not easily accessible like you use to be. You’ll realize just how needy some people are and to be honest while living the Ambitious Lifestyle (which is a never-ending cycle) there is no room for high maintenance friends. Either, they understand that you’re not going to be easily accessible at all times and respect that or they’ll probably end up getting mad at you and finding new friends because you no longer want to do the irrelevant things that they do all the time.

I’m not saying that to be mean but when living the Ambitious Lifestyle, everything must be done in PURPOSE. Meaning, every single thing that’s done needs to be tied to the desires for success. Everyone won’t understand that. Yes, us Ambitious people like to have fun too but our fun is different than their fun. Our fun in all ways benefit our goals in one way or another.

Everyone needs breaks so ambitious people typically only take time for recreational activities if it’s conducive to their success or if it’s in regards to making time for their loved ones (see my next post for help on how to do this) which if they’re fitting you into their schedule it means that you’re pretty damn important. If the activity is not fitting to their lifestyle then most likely they’re not going to find it necessary to fit into their schedules because ambitious people typically do everything on a schedule. Ambitious people can’t stomach doing anything outside of their desires and goals for an undisclosed amount of time and because of this people find us to be blunt or short. In all actuality, we just seriously respect our time and wish others would do the same.

You may lost friends but typically its because the universe is making room for your new friends that will invariably understand your tight schedule because they have their own. Your new friends will typically have similar goals as yourself and so not only will you make good friends but you’ll also have someone to possibly collaborate with in the future on projects. your new friends will want to “have fun” the way you like to have fun and because of this you’ll understand that you’re a movement by yourself but a force when you’re together.

The point of this post is to encourage my fellow ambitious people who may still be in the beginning stages of the Ambitious Lifestyle . Yes, you will lose friends on your journey of finding yourself and living in purpose but it’s only because GOD is making room bigger and better that won’t distract you from your PURPOSE.


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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