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Feature Friday: The Aspiring Planner

Happy Freedom Friday! We’re back at it again with another feature on a beautiful ambitious woman. This week we’re featuring Lakisha Mosley of The Aspiring Planner. Lakisha is from Alexandria, Louisiana but currently resides in Houston, Texas where she’s made a home the last 14 years.

Fast Fact: She is the oldest of three children and grew up in a small town.

Lakisha says in five years she sees herself as one of the biggest brands in the event industry. Her brand the Aspiring Planner(love that name) will grow into a powerhouse training program for those aspiring to get into the event planning industry as she rises to become a leader and expert in the field. Read below her interview with the Ambitious Mix Blog as she gives us some insight on what/who has motivate her to be who she is today.

Ambitious Mix: What specific life event would you say set you up for success today? 

Lakisha Mosley: Losing everything I had set me up for the success I have experienced today. I got divorced and it was not pretty. I used all of my savings to try to maintain the lifestyle I was accustomed to instead of downsizing. I ended up having to move and put my things in storage. My kids had to go live with other people and I was able to stay with relatives on and off. After the last relative asked me to leave, my pastor found me a place to stay until I was able to get my own place. I stayed with a church member who barely knew me but opened her home to me free of charge. I decided to work hard to maintain my business and to launch The Aspiring Planner. 

Ambitious Mix: Wow. Super powerful testimony!! So, in what ways are you seeking to empower women?  

Lakisha Mosley: The entire existence of The Aspiring Planner is to empower women (and men) if they are interested in starting their own businesses. I want every woman to know they are worth it and to have the freedom to create their own success. 

Ambitious Mix: Any dream collaborations ? 

Lakisha Mosley: Yes ma’am. It’s too many to name!! I would love to work with Koeryelle, Amber Dee and Sophia Nelson. I also want to work with Darryl Wilson, Diann Valentine and Preston Bailey.

Ambitious Mix: How important is mental health to you and what are you doing to stay healthy mentally? 

Lakisha Mosley: I think it is very important. As entrepreneurs, we don’t always take time to make sure ourselves is ok. We take care of everyone else but not ourselves. I think at least twice a month if not more, we should definitely take a day or two and just relax. Book a staycation at a local hotel or spa. Get your hair and nails done…just focus on you. 

Ambitious Mix: Any recent struggles as an entrepreneur that you can advise my readers on? 

Lakisha Mosley: This entrepreneur lifestyle isn’t easy and surely not for the faint of heart. If you work a full-time job, is married or have kids, time is not always your friend . Organization and time management are great skills and will constantly have to be worked on to lessen those struggles. In the end, it is all worth it though. 

Ambitious Mix: What do you love about being a woman? 

Lakisha Mosley: I love being a woman. Women are trendsetters and make things happen. We are lovers, warriors, nurturers and providers. 

Ambitious Mix: In what ways do you plan to uplift other women and have you began implementing that?

Lakisha Mosley: I’m going to keep encouraging my sisters to know their worth and challenge them to make good life decisions. I will always provide inspiration through the Word of God and love on them as much as possible.

Thank You Lakisha for sharing yourself with us and for that powerful testimony. She can be followed on the social networks below:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/theaspiringplanner 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/theaspiringplannerwww.twitter.com/theaspiringplnr 

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/theaspiringplnr

and can be booked or inquired about more on her website



As always remember to Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated and if we can accomplish and overcome, so can you! Thanks for Reading.


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