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The Cost of Ambition: You Will Forget To Eat

Eating at least three meals a day and staying hydrated is the key (I too, am guilty of skipping meals).

The cost of ambition will have you missing meals without even realizing it until you’re about ready to faint or worse enough have already fainted. My best friend says at least once a week, “Did I eat today?” I stare in amazement not because I can’t believe he didn’t eat all day but because I’ve been guilty of the same exact thing. I’ve done a great job breaking that habit and I started to break it a couple of months ago. It was St. Patrick’s Day and I was really excited about Lyfting because it was known as a big money day. Prior (since going solely entrepreneurial earlier this year) I’d suffered a few bouts with exhaustion and part of the reason is because I was not eating regularly or staying hydrated with water.

On St. Patricks Day in particular, I was running off four hours of sleep and thought I’d be fine after a cup of coffee as long as I was able to fit in a nap before noon. Well, I was not able to fit in a nap before noon and against my better judgement, decided to get back out to start Lyfting… Well what happened later was one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me in life. While driving a nice lady to work (as I maneuvered a very busy freeway) I suddenly felt pressure behind my eyes and felt as though I was losing my eye sight as my eyes involuntarily rolled to the back of my head. I quickly attempted to regain my vision while holding my composure because I knew if I started to react in a sense of worry, It would scare the customer.

When I tell you my heart started pounding out of my chest particularly because I didn’t know if it would happen again while she was in the car. I was just so focused on getting her out of my car and safely to her job. I obviously decided that I probably needed to head home, eat and get some rest. Not only had I not gotten an appropriate amount of sleep but I barely had any food in my system. Everyone knows that food primarily generates energy for the human body.  So, I had inevitably set myself up for failure that day which was disappointing because I had to miss out on lots of money. When I got home, it was then that I could feel the extreme exhaustion for sure and I knew that I would have to stay in the house and get some rest.

Oddly enough, I took a five hour energy right before that happened and I learned a very valuable lesson that day. It doesn’t matter how much caffeine or supplements we force into our body, if we can’t provide it the natural necessities it needs to function then it will inevitably shut down against our will. We have to take care of ourselves or that dream that we believe will come to fruition due to our hard work and long hours, won’t happen. No matter how hard we work at it, if we can’t identify when we need to take breaks then we will fail. In my next post, I’ll be going over how to actually set up a “break system” and how to stick to it.

My last post covered taking mental breaks but this one will cover the actual system you need to create to break yourself. Of course, my best friend just came in from work and offered me the other half of his gourmet grilled cheese which he once again admitted that the few bites of the other slice was all he’d eaten all day. It was then that I’d realized that I hadn’t eaten dinner yet. I made breakfast and lunch but missed dinner due to so much being on my mind. We’ve all got to get better at this whole surviving thing.

Until next time.

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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