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The Cost of Ambition: Make Time For Yourself and Do Something Relaxing

Making time for yourself is so important as a woman in business. Often times we’re so determined to accomplish and achieve that we miss the warning signs and before you know it, we’re suffering through burnout season. We’re so particular and about our business that we seldom miss anything. Nothing can get past us except the fact that we sometimes need a mental break.

I want to help you identify the signs that your body is giving you to let you know that you need a mental break.

  1. You feel pressure behind your eyes randomly at some point in your day

Your brain is trying to tell you that it needs you to take a break and to focus on something else. To be specific, it needs you to relax and do something that doesn’t require much brain power. Do something fun. Play a video game, go shopping at the mall, binge watch a few episodes of a new show on Netflix, spark up a conversation with one of your most entertaining friends  or simply go for a nice walk around your neighborhood. I’ve named a few recreational activities but whatever you identify as pure no-strings-attached fun is sufficient.

2. No matter how much sleep you get, you always feel tired after a few hours of working

Take a nap, if possible. We couldn’t stand naps as children because we felt like we’d be missing out on fun and time with our friends. Ironically, as adults we’re always looking for an escape. You’d be surprised how a nice two-hour nap can catapult you into hours of productivity. Take naps often and unapologetically. Schedule them in if you must. Naps are a great mood booster as well

3. After days, even weeks of being super productive and efficient, you all of a sudden just don’t feel like doing anything

So don’t. Take that as your cue to take a break and to simply do nothing. My suggestion would be to meditate when you get into this type of mood. Free your mind and then go and get some time in with your peeps. The change of scenery will probably do you some good.

All in all, what needs to start happening in your ambitious life is BREAKS. Make time for yourself. Have spa days frequently. Make time to do things that you’ve never done before. Don’t forget to enjoy the present. You’ll only experience it once.

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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