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April Inspiration for an Intrepreneur

Bold Battles & Victorious Opportunities

Written By: Treashure the Energy Shifter

“Candice you have area three today.”

“Why Farah? I always work area two. You know my regulars come in looking for me to be in my usual area.”

“Well not today. The reality is my father is the owner and I refuse to wait on that misogynist group of men in area three today. These men come in here every third Wednesday and demand you serve, sweat, and cater to them for a mediocre tip. They’re cheap and you don’t have a choice. I’ll take over area two and once they’ve gone I’ll relieve you of that area but for now, go do your job.”

“Choose your battles wisely Candace, Choose your battles wisely.”

Candace repeated these words in her mind as she grabbed the menus and approached the table with delight in her face and in her service. Concluding the gentlemen’s dining experience, a representative approached the register handing Candace the bill payment and her tip.

Struggling to maintain her delightful posture, her conscious was ready for war and in seconds shots of words were fired, “Six Dollars! Are you kidding me?”

The gentleman stood before Candace astonished. “Excuse me miss is there an issue?”

Candace didn’t hesitate to respond, “Yes! Six dollars is my issue!”

The gentleman didn’t attempt to refute Candace’s response, instead he says, “Come with me.”

Candace and the gentleman walked back to area three. He stood before his club members and looked at Candace and then back at the men sitting staring at both of them.

“Men listen up, our waitress Ms. Candace has something to say.”

Candace looked around at the 50 men sitting in area three, grabbed the six dollar tip out of her pocket and slammed it on the table as she began to speak, “I have provided you with outstanding service, not one order out of place, I have spent my entire shift over here accommodating you all and after all of this you felt like I was only worth twelve cents from each of you. It seems you need this money more than I do so please do me a favor, here, take your tip and have a wonderful day.”

The men at the table looked around at one another. Everyone quiet except for the gentleman sitting at the head of the table.

“John, please have a seat. Thank you for bringing Ms. Candace’s concerns to my attention.”

The gentleman who sat at the head of the table turned around in his seat and began to address Candace. “Miss do you not like your job?” he asked.

Candace looked at him with steam bursting from her ears, “I enjoy taking care of my new born daughter, I enjoy making a living, and most of all I enjoy working for pay that represents the worth of my service!”

He smirked. As he reached in his pocket to grab his wallet as he began to address Candace once more.

“You know what Candace I truly admire your boldness.  This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to give you back these 6 dollars plus one hundred more and I’m going to also give you my business card. On Monday morning, come to 25th District Court at 8:00am and tell my assistant Michelle I sent you. Pending you pass the aptitude test, the open clerical position is yours. I could use people with your character on my team. For now on, please address me as Judge Canton.”

The gentlemen all arose and exited the restaurant.

Candace sat and stared at the one hundred and six dollars and the business card on the table.

On that upcoming Monday she arrived to Judge Canton’s office and met with Michelle. Candace has been working for the 25th district court for 20 years to date.

While the characters in this post are fictitious the story however is as authentic as the passion in your soul to become a better you tomorrow than you are today!

Have you ever asked yourself what does it truly take to become who you aspire to be? Have you ever asked yourself when is it time to demand what’s yours by taking bold actions?

This testimony exposes three important factors that were the culprits of Candace’s opportunity of a lifetime.

First, her ability to pick her battles. Unlike Farah, she refused to settle with the minimal pay for her service. She demanded to be paid her worth.

Second, her ability to stand confidently bold in her truth despite the intimidating audience.

Lastly, her preparedness for an unexpected opportunity.

In conclusion, many opportunities will be desired, but not predicted. I urge you to be sure you are truly ready for what you are requesting!

I may never know what questions you’ll ask, but I’m always prepared to answer with the truth! (Treashure)

If you find value in this post I urge you to comment below.


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