The Cost of Ambition

Hey Ya’ll!

I feel as though I haven’t spoken to you in a while via the blog’s platform. You now have so many different mediums in which you can experience my content. You have my frequent social media posts amongst various channels, my newsletter and my Get Motivated with Misha videos and Facebook lives. It’s true I’ve been super busy transforming my brand and giving you guys consistent content amongst many channels. I was even able to fit in planning the Life After 25: Intuitively Me book launch party which was a huge success)!

I was able to accomplish a lot these past four months and I give thanks in part to the changing of my perspective. I’ve grown tremendously as an individual over the past four months in both my business and personal life and I’m sure it’s been evident. You see, not so long ago I started to feel like I was ready to branch off on my own. I wanted to see how it felt to focus on my passion and purpose and that only. At the beginning of the year, following a breakup, I decided it was time to start living for myself and on purpose full-time.

By the end of January, I decided to leave my company of almost two years to pursue my dreams. I was already offered to move out to Southern California and I thought, “what else could I possibly gain by waking up doing the same thing everyday? Especially if it’s not making me happy.” So I took another leap out on faith and I decided that I would do whatever it took to maintain  so that I could solely focus on my business these next few months. Being self-employed these past few months has opened my eyes to a plethora of new experiences, ideas and new people to work with. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone…definitely not the faint at heart and it has its ups and downs.

Sometimes you don’t get what you put out. Everyone isn’t going to support you like you support them. You’ll constantly feel like you have to always be working. Remember that work life-balance you use to complain about when you worked for someone…it doesn’t exist in this realm unless you make room for it. Creating a work-life balance as an entrepreneur when first starting out is harder than you think. It’s literally like, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”

It’s hard to take a break when things have to be paid for and the bills are due. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs in the beginning stages suffer from burn out, high anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It’s no walk in the park and I’ve experienced many of these but what I will say is so far, it’s worth it. I’ve never felt more at peace in my life then right now during this very time in my life while chasing purpose. I can measure my accomplishments, I’m doing what I love everyday and I’m constantly learning .

I’m constantly pushing myself to be greater so that I may give greater to the world but many times that PUSH is what leads to the exhaustion and burnout. We have to know that breaks are mandatory and should be apart of your everyday routine. I highly recommend dedicating one day a week to self-care. Below I’ve provided a few tips to fight burnout while working for yourself and how to create a work-life balance for yourself.


Tips for Fighting Burnout

-Make time for yourself and do something relaxing (whatever the may be to you)

-Get plenty of rest (like actually get yourself on a regular sleep schedule)

-Eat at least three meals a day and stay hydrated (I’m guilty of skipping meals)

-Take Breaks and know when breaks are needed(It’s OK , I promise–have faith)


Creating a work-life balance

-Create an actual work-schedule for yourself so that you’re able to separate the two (Work and Personal Life) and stick to it religiously. Consistency creates habit–both good and bad so spend your time wisely.

-Outside of your work schedule (DO NOT WORK!) do something recreational!

-Make time for your loved ones (friends, family, significant other)

Balance is so important and is a key factor in whether you’ll be successful or not. Whether you’re an intrepreneur (work for a company) or entrepreneur (self-employed) balance is needed to carry us along or we’ll constantly be faced with exhaustion and burnout. Consistency is key but balance holds the power of moving forward. If you haven’t figured it out already, this blog post is going to kick off a new series of mine called The Price of Ambition and each tip in both categories will have a designated blog post of it’s own in which I go into more detail about how you can conquer these tasks. In honor of Working Woman Wednesdays, these post will post on Wednesday. So if you’ve fell short in any of the above mentioned areas then this series is for you! Be sure to subscribe to the blog so that you get post updates. I’ll talk to you soon.

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!



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