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March Inspiration for an Intrepreneur

Response of Destruction

Victimized by Lazy Readers


For your planning, it seemed there was some lack of knowledge or planning as to where the meeting

was. Several folks came late and mentioned they were not provided with the appropriate information.

We proceeded, but it was a little disruptive to the rest of the group when folks came in. The individuals

who arrived late missed out on some very important information.

Best Regards,

Franklin Detrick


Mr. Detrick,

Thank you for your feedback. Despite the group’s explanation of late arrival, I can assure you it was not

due to lack of information. Everyone was given the necessary resources to arrive promptly. It is

unfortunate the tardy participants missed an opportunity to obtain some very significant information in

which you shared during your presentation. In the future, I will make accommodations to the schedule to

ensure late arrivals do not disrupt the event. Your unwavering support is truly appreciated.


Sondra Adams

In reading the correspondences above who do you identify with the most? Sondra or the late arrivers?

One may read this post and say it’s too vague to make any rational conclusions or defend anyone. Some

of you will start to build a case against Sondra. You may say, “If more than one participant was late then

it could be possible the information provided was unclear.” One may rebut in defense of Sondra stating,

“Her information could not have been unclear if others arrived on time as expected.” In every case

there’s always the battle of perspective, but as an employee in an organization black and white starts to

become more dominant and too much grey starts to reflect unattractive behaviors. While no one is on

trial for their life, in Corporate America we as professionals are always on trial defending our brands.

The quality of our work, our level of dependability, our ability to be a team player, how well do we work

under pressure, etc. Are all contributors of who we are in the workplace.


What happens when the brand you’ve worked so hard for is threatened by a response from a careless

colleague? I can guarantee you’ll no longer want to dwell in the comfort of grey areas. You’d no longer accept “what if” scenarios. Clear, concise and credible information is what you will seek and offer as you

proceed to defend who you are and what you represent in the workplace. Sondra in this case is the victim. Instead of the late arrivers taking accountability for their actions and having some level of integrity regarding their inability to follow instructions, they decided to deflect blame; tarnishing the brand of Sondra and having her ability to plan be scrutinized by the presenter. In this particular scenario the late arrivers didn’t plan accordingly and were confronted. Lack of information became their defense, but was the instruction unclear or did they neglect to truly understand what was required?

How does one protect their brand at all times from those who dwell within the grey areas of professionalism and who neglect to thoroughly read information presented to them? How does one ensure that they’re not mistakenly tarnishing their colleague’s brand by their quick choice of response to a question? Addressing both inquiries above, there’s a resolution known as the Receive, Review and Respond process that will assist any working professional excel in their positions.


Receive: Any information obtained in the workplace.

Review: Carefully reading through the content to understand; not to immediately respond. This step in

the process is the most important. During this phase the individual’s goal is to collect data, confirm all

information is accurate and clear, and understand what is required.

Respond: Now that one have reviewed the information one would address the content accordingly. One

may request more information for a better understanding, confirm or decline invitations with an

explanation, effectively correspond with a recommendation or resolution, etc.


This Receive, Review and Respond process is very simple, yet many of us have not grasped the concept.

We have adopted bad habits of quickly receiving information and responding before understanding what we’re approving, addressing, or accepting to attend. Your lack of understanding is the culprit of brand destruction upon yourself and colleagues caught in the crossfire of your trigger finger responses. Let’s recreate the way we respond!

“Find purpose in your position and you will discover a fulfilling place in it!”


Treashure Banks


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