Feature Friday: Gain Clarity with Crystal

One thing I love about women is that we’re strong beyond measure and no matter what we go through we don’t let it break us. Instead, some of us use our superpowers to help others. Here at Ambitious Mix, that’s what it’s all about. I’m so excited to introduce this week’s feature on Crystal Daye.

_mpx0320Crystal is a dynamic young woman from Jamaica who harnessed her love for writing and her passion for sharing the Gospel. Her goal is to empower others to be the best that God has called them to be. As a best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, and international empowerment coach, Crystal specializes in inspiring and equipping kingdom women and aspiring leaders to live, define their purpose, gain clarity and increase their influence. She also offers branding and self-publishing consultancy to aspiring entrepreneurs and authors. She is the COO of DayeLight International – a personal development and coaching company.

Crystal Daye is the author of the bestselling book Living A Royal Reality: Discovering your Identity, Purpose and Worth in Christ. In this book, she empowers and enlighten women so that they realize as Royalties they can overcome any past experience, pursue their purpose in confidence and live in their full potential. Over the years, Crystal has hosted numerous workshops, conferences and other events all over Jamaica to help others in their spiritual and personal development. From a very young age she developed a strong belief that she would not become a product of her environment. After living a life of partying, promiscuity, sexual abuse and struggling with feelings of inadequacy, she encountered Jesus Christ in the midst of her brokenness.

Since then she has committed to live a life of obedience and purpose. She authentically shares her story to empower women to believe they can accomplish their dreams and not settle for their “realities”.

AM: Wow! That is such a powerful testimony and I thank you for sharing that with myself and my readers. So Crystal, how did you come about doing what you do now and when was the passion for it born? 

CD: I’ve always loved empowering and educating both women and young girls. In Kingston, Jamaica, I have been doing summer workshops and other events to help girls with self-esteem and confidence issues. This birthed an international ministry called She’s Royal Movement (now called I AM ROYALTY). I truly believe I was born to do this. I currently minister through coaching, speaking engagements, writing, mentoring and consultancy. 


AM: What are your plans going forward and how do you hope to impact society with your vision?

CD: I have been speaking and writing for over 2 years, I recently started my business as a Christian Life Coach who empowers kingdom women. My vision is to see women all over the world walking confidently, authentically and fearlessly in their purpose while fulfilling their God-given dreams. I believe as women we can positively change our family, community and the world, if we support and empower each other. As a kingdom woman, I know God created and equipped each of us for a specific purpose. Seeing ourselves how God sees us is the key to unlocking this change. So, I want it to start with me!

AM: What does women empowerment mean to you? 

CD: Empowerment is the process of unleashing the power in us and using this power to make an impact. For me, true power only comes from the Holy Spirit. It is HIS power that unleashes us to walk into true freedom, beauty and confidence. It is through HIS power that we can truly have a transformational impact in our lives and the lives of others. Women Empowerment is simply women walking in the footsteps of Jesus to fulfill our purpose, calling  and destiny. It comes from serving and motivating each other while becoming the best God has called us to be. 

AM: Where do you see yourself in five years

CD: Five years… hmmm… Honestly I just want to have a bigger impact and influence so I can reach even more women all over the world. I believe my business will bloom and I will be able to provide employment for others. I want to continue providing training, serve others while they walk in their purpose, build their business, enjoy their career and just be able to impact my souls for the kingdom. That’s all I ever wanted.. just continuing to live purposeful! 

AM: Name something that you’ve always wanted to do


CD: Take my family to DisneyLand. 

AM: Give my readers one good reason why they should work with you? 

CD: As an International Empowerment Coach, I am passionate about helping kingdom women and aspiring leaders fulfill their purpose, gain clarity, increase their influence and even monetize it. I share my experiences and knowledge to empower them to walk in their true identity and God-given destiny. It is my purpose to inspire them to live wholesome Godly lives and be the best God has called them to be. I do this through Coaching, Writing, Speaking, Branding and Self-Publishing Consultancy.


Crystal can be followed online at these accounts:

Facebook Page: @crystalsdaye

Instagram: @crystalsdaye

Twitter: @CrissyDaye

LinkedIn: @crystaldaye


Until next time,


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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