Life After 25: Finding Your Happiness Within


Happy Super Bowl Sunday! We’re already five days into the month and January flew by but I’ll tell you that I got so much done. I want to share some info and tips with you below that my email subscribers have already received (because they’re awesome and have opted in to receive exclusive content and Ambitious Mix news directly to their email box<—Sign up here)

So much has changed in my life but for the better. I want you to know that just because things don’t work out like we thought they would, it doesn’t mean something better isn’t coming. All in a months span, I ended a dead-end relationship, was offered an opportunity to relocate (and I accepted) and I just got back from a work-cation in which I decided to travel alone out of the country (something I’ve always wanted to do) to take some much needed time to work on my business. I have my first speaking engagement coming up this week and all in all I’ve just been crushing GOALS! I’ve declared 2017 as my year of living fabulously, fearlessly and FREE.

I have been taking leaps out on faith non-stop and it has done nothing but brought me closer to everything that I’ve every wanted. We have to stop being SCARED and start trusting ourselves. We have to be confident in our ability to SUCCEED because GOD has put us on this earth for something and it is our job to figure that out and then pursue it EVERYDAY. Live on PURPOSE in 2017 so that you can stop questioning your EXISTENCE. You matter!

I’d love to see you at the Life After 25 book launch. Tickets are now on sale via Eventbrite.com https://www.eventbrite.com/e/life-after-25-intuitively-me-book-launch-tickets-31626486673?aff=es2

Until then, I urge you to join my Facebook group Motivated Moguls.


I’d love you get to know you some more and to help you become more motivated on the daily. We’re all we got, right?

Your assignment for the month is to start on the journey of figuring out what it is that you are to be contributing to this world.

-Start thinking about what you’re already passionate about and how that connects with what you actually want to do

-Hire a coach (Chase Great Enterprises has many great coaches who are certified in purpose pushing)  to help you fine tune your vision–the best investment you can make is on yourself!

-Once done, start making a lifestyle change so that you may begin your journey of living on purpose. I promise you will find happiness once this is figured out!


Misha’s Tips for Success

If you haven’t already,

  • Create a Vision board

This is essential for helping to visualize your goals. If you’re not sure how to go about doing so, purchase my book Ambition for Sale (available on Kindle and in print). I talk Vision Boards and how to construct one (photos included)

  • Write your BIG goals out (minimum for the duration of the first quarter of the year)

Ambition For Sale is also a great resource to help with goal setting and format.

  • Think Positive and Be Determined no matter what

Have FAITH that everything will happen as it should. Remembering this will help expel FEAR and catapult you in the right direction every time.

I want you to think WIN no matter what. You do not have room for failure or giving up in 2017. Go hard and don’t go home until you have succeeded! Enjoy your day, get started on those BIG GOALS immediately and I’ll see you tomorrow for my weekly video message on the Ambitious Mix Blog’s Facebook Page.

Until Next time,

With each purchase of a Life After 25: Intuitively Me book launch ticket, you’re eligible for a 25% off discount on the Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated tee. I hope to see you there!


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!



Tickets for the Life After 25: Intuitively Me Book Launch are now available


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