Taking a stroll down Jane’s Lane with Nikita Gibson

It’s the first Friday in February and while we’re kicking off Black History Month, we’re also celebrating so many other things. We’re back again to celebrate yet another Ambitious Woman who stands proudly in her truth as she chases her dream of providing stylish pieces for women to rock with confidence and unapologetically. This week’s feature is on Nikita Gibson, creator of the online boutique Jane’s Lane and Envied, her unisex clothing line.  Nikita is also the owner and CEO of Jane’s Lane, LLC. Although Nikita was born in Pontiac, MI, she says she was raised in both Detroit and Pontiac.16443272_397000313988304_1062652430_n


AM: How did Jane’s Lane come about? 

NG: I have always loved fashion and have always coordinated well. Whether it was my own style of dress or home decor. I played dress up often as a little girl. The idea of starting Jane’s Lane came about when I lost my job a few years ago. I then decided to start building something of my own…something that I loved.

AM: What are your plans going forward with the brand and how do you plan to impact society with your vision?

img_20170102_011644NG: The name Jane’s Lane is an inspiration in itself. Its self explanatory. It encourages people to find their lane/path and follow it. Envied  is even deeper. Every letter/symbol has a meaning. It’s unique, it’s elegant, it’s edgy and it’s bold! The “e” is always lowercase because it’s Humble. Honestly, we all have something to be envied for. Especially when one finds his/her purpose.

AM: What does Women Empowerment mean to you?

NG: Women Empowerment means everything to me! It is why the line is over the “n” in Envied. I like to refer to it as a Halo.  The line pointing down/outward on the “n” is a Cape. She’s a saviour! Graceful, Humble but powerful! That’s how women should be. We should empower and uplift each other through a movement!


If you’re interested in purchasing from Jane’s Lane Boutique click the link here and be sure to follow this brand on IG@janes_lane_ and Facebook: Jane’s Lane Boutique. I own an Envied tee and I’ve received so many questions about it. I love it!


Until next time,


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated ( You can now purchase a tee with this saying on it!) 


Tickets are now on sale for the Life After 25: Intuitively Me book launch




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