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January: Inspiration for an Intrapreneur

Jack of All Trades Master of None: Talent versus Habit

By: The Energy Shifter, Treashure Banks


“So Jack, I see here you have worked in quite a few industries. Please provide three professional

strengths you can bring to my team.” Mr. Kingston leaned back in his chair welcoming Jack to respond.

Jack sits up in his chair, chest out, head high and replied, “Mr. Kingston the three strengths I can bring to your team is that I am a fast learner, I take direction well and I am comfortable with change.”

Mr. Kingston asked Jack a few more questions after his response.

Face void of expression, Mr. Kingston leaned forward in his chair with a sense of sternness, he plants his hand on his desk bracing himself onto his feet. He stretches out his hand and smileS, “Jake, I want to thank you on today for taking the time to interview. It was a pleasure meeting you and we will be responding to all candidates with our final decision within the next week.”

Jake smiled and shook Mr. Kingston hand before departing, “Thank you sir for this opportunity. have a nice day.”

Upon Jack’s departure Mr. Kingston picks up his phone, “Hello Raymond, yes I’ve just finished up with candidate five, yes… Jack Palmer and he’s not the candidate I ‘m looking for. Sure, Sure, Sure he is pleasant and professional but he is not the game changer I’m looking for. Based on his responses he is really great at following directions. I’m looking to take this company to the next level and I need someone with passion and proficient skills in this industry. Thank you for the referral, if another opportunity presents itself I will keep him in mind.”

Have any of you sat in the same exact seat as Jack answering the interview strengths question in asimilar way? I can honestly say I have. I have studied this question, practiced my responses to this question, and the moment I was asked about my strengths in the interview, with confidence, I stated the exact words Jack did. I waited by the phone for weeks only to receive yet another generic email expressing how I wasn’t the chosen candidate for the position.

I’m here to tell you,  if you were scheduled to interview,  your resume is not the problem. Listed below are three solutions to nailing the interview question…”What are three strengths you can contribute to my team”?

Identify Your Personal Talents:

In order to identify your strengths, you have to dig deep within yourself to truly understand the difference between a talent and a habit. Your talent is a specific skill or set of skills you possess naturally and can be applied to any position. A habit is the task in which you’ve received instruction for that you do repeatedly. Both talent and habit can be mastered but only your personal skill can be developed and branded as your personal strength. Are you a master of instruction or a master of your talent?

Quantify Your Skills:

Quantifying your skills will help the interviewer measure your talents against others candidates with similar attributes. You would depend heavily on company goals and your professional accomplishments to create a response of value. If I can’t measure your skill how will I know its worth?

This is a Business Deal, not an Interview:

Now that you have identified and quantified your skills, it’s time to sell them to the highest bidder. Knowing who you are and recognizing what you have to offer brings about confidence. You are no longer at the mercy of the employer, but in the presence of a potential client. Control the atmosphere. By engaging in a partnership tone versus employer to employee tone. You are there to offer your skills, not ask for a job! Do you find yourself existing in your position and not maximizing in it? Do you find yourself doing a job well, but not developing your natural talents? Are you struggling with identifying what your true talents are? Are you simply tired of the mundane day-to-day work life and seeking joy in your career?

Sign-Up to participate in my Employee to Intreprenuer Workshop starting Saturday, February 4th.

Contact me via email at treashure.banks@gmail.com for more details.

Quote of the Month: “The greatest wastes are unused talents and untried    ideas…Unknown”


2 thoughts on “January: Inspiration for an Intrapreneur”

  1. I am Jill I read something that I had to relive and realize that those questions I have not beeen asked for sometime. Which I resonate so well. This is certainly an eye opener and game changer for me.
    Thanks, Leap of Faith

    Liked by 1 person

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