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New Year, New You? Here’s 5 Ways to Keep those New Year’s Resolutions!

written by Brianna, founder of Living Thee Fly Life Blog

For so many,  the New Year is a way to rid old habits and start fresh! The most popular

resolutions people make includes:  to stop smoking, lose weight and save money.

Sadly, most people make resolutions but rarely stick to them while falling back into their old habits fast.

Studies show that less than 10% of the American population sticks to and makes good on their

New Year resolutions. Why is That? Most people make resolutions without a plan of execution or prior research.

Which leads to  them trying to research different methods while they’re in the actual process of

implementing or attempting those resolutions. For some, this can be fine but for others, this is merely an excuse to revert back to old ways.

To some,  making New Year’s resolutions is kind of cliché’ but self-improvement, setting

goals and achieving them has never steered us wrong! It’s just nine days into the New Year so make sure

you join Americas 10% in 2017 and stick to your resolutions using these five tips!!!



1. Don’t Make It Impossible, Set Realistic Expectations.

Often times, we’ve set the bar extremely high for our resolutions! There is nothing wrong with wanting to obtain a certain level of success, however, you have to remember that you must start small. If losing weight is your goal, try setting a monthly goal of losing 7-10 lbs, a month by working out 4-5 days a

week versus saying that you want to lose a 100lbs in 6 months. Sometimes the added

pressure of having to perform is enough to cause you to want to give up

2. Write It Out, Make it Your Mantra.

Looking at your resolutions daily, and speaking them out loud keeps you on task and is a daily reminder of the goals you have set. Visions Boards are great but if you don’t have one,  a dry erase board displaying your goals will get the job done too!!

3. Be Committed.

Committing to yourself and your New Year’s Resolutions, is very pertinent

to your success, even before you start! You must understand that you may not make it to the

gym every day, you may slip up and have a drink or you may go over the limit at Wal-Mart (don’t we all lol?)

 Luckily, with a new day comes a fresh opportunity. Don’t let your accountability

defer your ability to stay on task with your resolutions just because of one setback.

4. Hold yourself Accountable.

Committing and Accountability is the main reasons why most do not leave their comfort zone and fail to succeed in keeping their resolutions. Share your resolutions with loved ones! You never know when you may need an extra voice of reason to keep you on your path. We all need help and there’s nothing wrong with that!

5. Reward Yourself.

Inch by Inch is a synch and yard by yard is too hard! Don’t wait until you

lose the entire 100 lbs,  or stop smoking for a year to celebrate. Setting, implementing

resolutions and sticking to them long enough to see progress is an achievement in itself.

Reward yourself with every milestone you reach! If, you lost 15lbs this month, snap a selfie and

CELEBRATE!! If, you’ve gone 2-weeks without smoking. Snap a Selfie and CELEBRATE!! Rewarding

yourself along the way keeps you encouraged and excited about the journey you’re on. In some

form or another, we all make resolutions for the reward, SO CELEBRATE!


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