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Paint Me Naked, Stretch Me Thin

By Guest Blogger Laresa Shawnta

“Painting” is representation of black women being passive aggressive, heartless, fierce, gold diggers, etc while it strips her from her natural being and true beauty (“NAKED”).

“Stretch Me Thin” is a representation of emotional distress, mental issues, being a door mat to society, men, and children.

Fearless, abruptly honest, and unapologetic. This is the image they give her. This is how society portrays her. She is strength and dignity. She is all in all, the black woman.

Every woman has an untold story, in fact several untold stories. Probably enough to fit in a walk-in closest full of Michael Kors hand bags, dresses still wrapped in plastic bags, or high heels stacked to the ceiling. Who knows what else could be in that closet? A lot of clutter and baggage, perhaps her closet will soon cave in.

African American women may discuss bad relationships, loss of a job, or raising children alone with friends, family, and peers. She may even cry out loud or silently. She could smile and laugh her way through anything in life but that doesn’t mean she is ok.

The black woman, being the most disrespected, under valued  and degraded woman on this planet who can’t find what she is missing. The most important element she’s missing is spirit. The very thing that makes one feel alive.fc09480ab84de2989d73923db149c7e3

We notice her subtle shifts in moods, her flood of emotions, anger the size of cannon balls, and the fierce tone in voice.  African American women are instantly labeled as negative, bitter, or crazy. No one, asks what’s really going on in her mind? What has caused her to react to things the way she does? Why isn’t anyone questioning her behavior instead of belittling her?

Some may ask, “How is a black woman’s mental health different from a white woman’s? The only difference is that one may seek help, while the other bears an untold suffering within because she’s tired of having her ass kicked by society.

She is disappointed and shamed. This dates back to slavery.  Remember when she was humiliated and stripped from everything that gave her spirit (life)? Which was the father, son, spirit (self). The Trinity. Completeness. When the triangle has been broken it has no true shape it becomes an object.046f0057e15b37543f0c14869f79d400

She “OBJECTS” that!!!! But no one cares. Destroying her men, children,  and placing her in poverty. Being the most disrespected from generation to generation has conflicted with healthy mental functioning. There’s a generational curse in effect.

The woman, being the backbone for family and community must be right within in order to restore wholeness. How can we convince her to get help without spending money she doesn’t have? One less stress for a sister. Mmmm.

 It may be good to organize a mental health rehab for black women. We need discussions starting from the root while working our way up a solution. The world will never be in order until the black woman is restored to her true self. Don’t just help her pick up the puzzles, help her put it together.


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