Be Shontel, Cheerful, Prayed Up and on Fire

Christmas is next week and who better to feature than someone who is so passionate about her ministry and putting JOY into the world through her walk with GOD. I’ve been following this week’s feature since I first got Instagram. I remember I had a personal Instagram account (no business account existed yet) and I came across Brittany Shontel as we ended up following each other because back in the day, that’s how it worked. If someone followed you, you followed back and vice versa. Any who, I remember when she first started selling and promoting her Pretty Girls Praise t-shirts and it almost seem to have caught like wildfire.

I started seeing people I knew purchasing and wearing the shirts and just like that she started to get more attention and I knew at that moment she was on to something great. At the blink of an eye, it seems she had gained a ton of followers and at that point she didn’t have a choice but to move forward. In all honesty, it’s been amazing watching Brittany’s journey. I saw the hard work she put in. I saw how she made her ministry her brand, and her brand became her life…she never looked back. She is truly a pretty girl who has no issue praising but I think what I love about her the most is her courage to be completely transparent with her followers by showing and explaining to them that GOD can use anyone.

15400979_10207976693396225_2168052376304020059_nFounder of Pretty Lit Minstries (formerly Pretty Girls Praise), Brittany is a Detroit native and currently residing in the metro Detroit area. Check out my interview with her below as she tells us how she came about doing what it is that she does today.


AM: How was the passion for your ministry born?

B. Shontel: My start in ministry was birthed from my love of God. When I first dedicated myself to Christ, I was ON FIRE which is funny because my ministry is called Pretty Lit now. I wanted to spread that love to everyone I knew and what I’m doing now is an example of how my relationship with God has evolved. The deeper I came to know Him, the deeper He rooted my ministry. I believe my passion has definitely grown since I started in Ministry three years ago. The best way I can describe it is like a snowball rolling down a hill and as it’s rolling down, more and more snow is added to the snowball, making it bigger and bigger–THAT is how my passion was born, overtime.

AM:What are your plans going forward and how do you hope to impact society with your vision?

B. Shontel: Well, last year I hosted this event downtown on Sundays called Popsicles and Prayer. At this event we handed out Popsicles and offered prayer to whoever wanted it; both were free. I plan to bring that back, not only to Detroit, but to other cities in different states as well. I’m also going to host these events called “The Sessions”, all women, discussing different topics that are not necessarily talked about in church. I pray that with my vision, I impact society by showing them two things: God can use ANYONE – my testimony, and my current life path shows that and I want to bring JOY to society.15401142_10207976695476277_4733527696246399544_n

AM: What does Women Empowerment mean to you?

B. Shontel: Helping your sister become to best Woman of God that she can be, praying for her when she can’t pray for herself, showing up to her events, and wiping her tears if ever needed, rather it’s tears of joy or tears of hurt. Women Empowerment also means building up all women, rather its your friend, or someone you are just meeting in passing. It’s almost a way of life – not something you just do.

AM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

B. Shontel:With a new last name – prayerfully! (Joking yet VERY serious). I also want Popsicles and Prayer in every state and in other countries. I want to be living somewhere warm and working at someone’s church (I love serving at church – it brings so much joy).

AM: Name something that you’ve always wanted to do

B. Shontel: This a tricky question! …I’d like to do Missions in Africa and attend a live recording of my favorite worship artist.

Well there you have it. Be sure to follow Brittany Shontel on IG: @BrittanyShontel to stay up to date on her latest endeavors with her ministry and brand. She is always involved and that’s what we love about her!

Stay Tuned and keep an eye out for her Podcast coming in 2017. As she says herself, it’s going to be lit. If you’d like to meet Brittany Shontel in person and get lit by the Social Light herself, she’ll be speaking on a panel on January 14 at an event called “A Seat at the Table”. Tickets can be purchased via http://www.YasminePaige.com

Until next time,


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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