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December: Inspiration for an Intreprenuer

Written By: Treashure Banks aka The Energy Shifter

Anxiety of Separation: The contract employee’s worst nightmare

 “Amanda, Can I speak with you for a moment in my office?” 

“Of course Ms. Poultry. I’ll be right there.”

Amanda hangs up the phone hesitantly. She stares at her reflection within the blank screen of her cell phone. Her heart is throbbing in her throat. The notebook she holds in her hand is damp from the sweat of her palms. With every step towards Ms. Poultry’s office, Amanda ponders the tasks she was given, the work she had completed, the conversations she had with her peers, the times she had arrived to work this week. Amanda is extremely puzzled and nervous at the thought of this meeting. “What could she possibly want with me?” Amanda questions. The closer she arrives to Ms. Poultry’s office the more she feels faint. She closes her eyes as tight as she can, opening them ever so slightly, only to be present in this moment and not awakened from a dream. 

“Good Morning Amanda, please come inside and have a seat. I want to talk to you about assisting me with this year’s holiday office party.” 

In this very moment a sigh of relief consumes Amanda and she chuckles at the agony she had gone through just seconds ago.

Have you ever received a call similar to Amanda’s and approached your boss’s office with the very same anxiety?

Being completely transparent with you, I have and on numerous occasions. As a contract employee, I found myself hesitant and at the mercy of my employer’s criticism. I second guessed myself and dreaded one-on-one meetings with leadership because I feared the conversation of separation. Everything I did was to avoid being laid off or fired. My fear consumed more of my time than my eight-hour work day.

I had become tired of being a slave to my position. I had to find a way to be contract, but confident; to be temporary, but unforgettable. To be entry level, but a leader.

I want to share with you three tools that has assisted me in maximizing my worth within my contract position, while decreasing the fear of unemployment.

1.) Focus on the task, not the title.

Don’t allow your title to drive your motivation in your position. Your title is just a category of responsibilities. Focus on your level of contribution and how efficient you are in completing your tasks.

2.)  Focus on skill building, not the hiring status.

Stop seeking validation through a permanent status within an organization. Use this opportunity to develop yourself in your position. Seek out additional training and become proficient in your current role.

3.) Focus on growth, not the end date.

Do not allow yourself to become complacent in your position. Set goals and communicate your expectations with your employer. Stop dreading the conversation of separation and start driving it. Grow your professional network and let your current circumstance work for you not instead of against you.

For so long I have allowed titles, hiring statuses, and the possibility of unemployment dictate who I was in my position. I depended upon these factors to validate my value and my worth as an Intreprenuer, but not anymore. No longer will I allow external factors to validate my worth. Knowing my purpose in my position is all the validation I need. My purpose is what drives my motivation and it will ensure that I obtain the opportunity I seek.

Do you find yourself existing in your position and not maximizing in it? 

-Do you find yourself discouraged and more afraid of losing your job, than making a difference in your position? 

Comment below and I’ll be happy to discuss opportunities in assisting you discover your purpose as an intreprenuer and mapping out a plan to pursue the job of your dreams!

An Inspirational Quote For You: “Your dream job is merely a book mark of a reality soon to come. The question is will you be ready to turn the page?” – Treashure Banks


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