The Rebirth of the City

written by Brianna, founder of Living Thee Fly Life Blog


The city of Detroit has been a major influencer in society and global trends for centuries. From Motown Records to Ford Motor Company, the city and its innovators have impacted the lives of individuals near and far. Making Detroit a culturally rich magnet for the world’s mover and shakers! As the excitement of the City’s uprisings dwindled so did the upbeat, liveliness and entrepreneurial spirit within the community! Despite the blight and grim that has dominated the city for many decades, Detroit is still a gem full of untapped potential and misallocated resources.

Photo taken by Regina Boone, Detroit Free Press

A gem that Seattle native Roslyn Karamoko, saw so much potential in! Relocating to Detroit a little over 3 years ago, Karamoko, a retail buyer, saw Detroit as a diamond in the rough for the fashion industry!

In a recent interview with the Detroit Free Press, Karamoko talked about,“the lack-luster” of Detroit’s hand in fashion. Seeing the city as a blank canvas with a vivid story, Karamoko started a T-Shirt line, with the perfect mantra for Detroit’s creative.


Photo Credit: Living Thee Fly Life

Detroit is the New Black is more than a slogan! DITNB is the rebirth of Detroit’s Innovators! Located in the heart of Downtown at 1426 Woodward Ave, DITNB highlights the beauty of diversity in Detroit. Last Friday I attended a pop up shop hosted by DITNB and Build Institute. The store was opened for local entrepreneurs to come and showcase their goods! A world inside a world, Detroit is The New Black has set a new standard and trend to shopping local! An eclectic store front with high ceilings, neon lights and captivating art pieces created by Detroit Natives.  DITNB has revived the sense of fashion in Detroit, while providing a positive inspirational platform for the creative community.


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