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Get Motivated with Misha in December

It’s the last month of the year…

Many of you are probably thinking “2016, what a horrible year.” I say that because I’ve seen many people declare that to be the case on my social networks. When I see people speaking so negatively, I wonder, “what about it …was so bad?” I lost quite a few family members and a friend to sudden DEATH.

If after all the shockers I’ve had this year in addition to the deaths doesn’t make me feel like 2016 was a bad year then you shouldn’t feel that way either. What I want you all to start doing in 2017 is to start looking at things differently. Stop being so negative when it comes to your life and others. I want you to stop putting negativity out in the atmosphere and to start speaking life into situations. I see people that are supposed to be positive influences constantly throwing shade, participating in meaningless arguments with people and just being cliquish all together.

Why don’t you get out and meet some new folks. Expand your circle, grow it and your empire will grow as well. Focus on positivity in 2017. Have you made your vision board yet? I did! My vision board is all about my business this year. The huge opportunities that I envision will come my way next year for myself and my brand will be EPIC.

I told my boyfriend in a conversation, “2016 was LIT, just like I knew it would be but 2017 is going to be HUGE.” I envisioned that 2016 would be LIT in 2015. In fact, it showed up as a Facebook memory a few days ago. I told myself at the end of 2015 that I would continue to live my life and enjoy living my life in 2016. Often times, we work so hard that we forget to enjoy the present.

I was able to do a lot of traveling this year (not as much as I’d like) but significant for what I’m use to. During that time, I was able to see parts of the country that I had not yet visited and when that happens it just opens your eyes to entirely different perspectives. You start to think about things differently and you start to appreciate things more. I was always one to appreciate the small stuff but when you venture outside of the world that you’re use to, you realize that there’s so much more “small stuff” to appreciate.

What Motivates Misha? 

In December, to kick off the last year of the month, and reflect on the year to pass, I am motivated by CHANGE. ChangePreparation and Implementation is what motivates me this month as I prepare for my HUGE 2017. I’m strategic in everything that I do so trust when I say those three things are crucial and will be executed in that order! I’ve been reading self-help books all year while exposing myself to different mindsets. I then started setting goals so I can prepare for what’s to come. What’s to come next is the implementation stage and BABY AM I READY!

Have you started your path to self-discovery? I want you to be ready too!  Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if there is anything that I can do to help you get motivated within your God-given purpose. When you’re living on purpose, every day will be perceived as a blessing to you. When you’re working in purpose, you will be happy and it won’t feel like work.

Until next time,

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 



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