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Slay with Shawnta’s Style

We’re at the end of the first full week of December and we’re still going with the features on beautiful Ambitious Women. My feature this week is an up and coming wardrobe stylist by the name of Shawnta Bowie. She’s a 26 year old God-fearing ambitious woman from Detroit who takes pride in her faith. She’s a proud Daddy’s Girl and a hopeless romantic who believes genuine love heals and conquers all.

AM: Hey Shawnta! First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to shed some light on your recent endeavors. Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Shawnta Bowie: I am currently an Assistant Manager at Windsor Fashion in Lakeside mall. I am addicted to anything Fashion; Pinterest and polyvore are my best friends. I am also the Vice president of Strut in her Shoes, which is an organization that gives women a platform to tell their stories and testimonies. We strive to encourage other women and to help them get through their situations.

AM: So, what made you finally decide to take the leap and become a wardrobe stylist?  

img_23191Shawnta Bowie: I’ve always had a passion for fashion. Working in retail, clothing stores in particular: Charlotte Russe, Body Central and now Windsor Fashion, really revealed  and grew my passion for styling. I love challenging women to step outside their comfort zones and to try prints and colors they would never wear. I call those my wild card looks. I have also always been the “go to” for my family and close friends when it came time to getting dressed for different occasions. As I’ve grown and matured in life, there is only two things that I would do if I had to work for free and that’s styling and working with animals because I love it and I’m 110% great at it. People may ask how did I come up with the name Uniquely Beautiful and i’m proud to say that God gave it to Me. I had been really sick for like four months and was basically on bed rest. Once I decided I wanted to pursue this, I prayed and asked God to send me a name that he wanted me to have. While asleep that night, I had a dream that it was called Uniquely Beautiful. I woke up like, “OK God, I got it”. I started brainstorming that very next day.

AM:What are your plans going forward and how do you hope to impact society with your vision?

Shawnta Bowie: My plans moving forward are to help women be uncomfortably authentic. I want to help women embody what they feel on the inside with their clothing. Often times people say “if you look good, you feel good,” and that’s not always true. The clothes should never wear you, you should always wear the clothes. I want to help women enhance their confidence. I plan to impact society with my vision one woman at a time. I plan to encourage and motivate women to embrace the flaws that they’re ashamed of and in a fashion that will end in them no longer being ashamed but proud because our flaws are what makes us uniquely beautiful.

AM: Shawnta, what does women empowerment mean to you?

Shawnte Bowie: Women Empowerment means an open sisterhood where anyone is welcome; there aren’t any rules or criteria. Women Empowerment is like an expensive pair of heels, at first they’re a little uncomfortable but once you break them in you feel like you can conquer the world one stride at a time. Women Empowerment means that I am not my sisters keeper but that I am my sister. As women we all face some of the same misfortunes, tragedies, heart aches, trials and pain just in different shades.

AM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Shawnte Bowie: In five years, I see myself married with children and two great Danes named Zoe and Zina. I see us living in a big house with a huge backyard. I see myself being fully self-employed and expanding my brand. I see myself having a Uniquely Beautiful line of product whether it be clothing, accessories, shoes or even household accessories. I also see Uniquely Beautiful being a non-profit organization that educates women on fashion, styles and trends. It will also teach them ways to be cost efficient but still looking great just at a more affordable cost.

AM: Lastly, what’s something you’ve always wanted to do aside from being a wardrobe stylist?

Shawnta Bowie: I have always wanted to swim with the Dolphins. I’ve also always wanted to meet Maya Angelou and Iyanla Vanzant.

Well there you have it! Be on the look out for Shawta the Stylist as she continues to make her way through the Fashion World. She can be followed on Instagram: @Uniquelytae

Until next time,

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 


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