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LaErica Townsend sits on the couch with Misha to discuss Anti-Suicide and being a Purpose Pusher

This week’s feature is on LaErica Townsend, president of the Anti-Suicide Detroit chapter and she’s a Purpose Pusher. I absolutely love linking up with LaErica! We’ve followed each other’s brand for a few years now and so when we finally met in person, it was as if we were old friends catching up. She’s here to tell us about about both endeavors so continue reading and be sure to watch my latest On the Couch Segment featuring LaErica herself (to be posted soon).

AM: LaErica, if you can start off by telling my readers what it is that you’re currently doing and where you’re from?

LM: I’m from Detroit,Michigan and I am President of the Detroit Chapter of the Anti-Suicide Jesus Is The Answer Campaign. We have been in the city for almost 2 years. I am also a certified Purpose Pusher and I facilitate Private Purpose Discovery Sessions. Aside from those things, I am a certified Suicide Prevention gatekeeper because I take the fight against suicide to heart and everyday I do my part to aid in the fight against it. I encourage the choice of living everyday.

AM:You sure do! I love your Facebook posts. Always encouraging and uplifting people…I love it! How did you come about doing what you do now and when was the passion for it born? 

LM: The Anti-Suicide campaign is based out of Miami. Long story short, I reached out to simply say that I loved the movement that  had been created by the Founder Vanessa Presume. I just wanted to be a part of it even if it was buying a tshirt or sharing a post. That conversation lead into the campaign being branched out to the city of Detroit. I had the choice to get the chapter started and train someone else to run it or run it myself. After praying and thinking about it. God gave me an answer. He told me that it was time to share my story and this was going to be the platform. I was scared to share my past struggle with depression and suicide but I knew it could help someone so here I am. My passion to help and encourage has always been a part of who I am. God just made a way for me to truly make an impact on people I come across.

AM: What are your plans going forward and how do you hope to impact society with your vision?

LM: Going forward, Im excited for whats to come for the campaign. My plan is to spread the campaign in every city. I want to go into every city and create a branch that can in turn begin to impact the city that it’s in. I hope to make a long-lasting impact on society by showing them that they don’t have to give up and they have every reason to live. I want to help everyone realize their purpose. I want them to realize that they were created for a reason. I want them to realize the power of walking in  purpose and the true happiness you get from that

AM: What does Women Empowerment mean to you?

LM: For me, Women Empowerment is about uplifting each other and when you see your sister struggling you encourage her and push her. It’s about realizing the power that we as women possess in the value that we hold. It’s about realizing that we are truly fearfully and wonderfully made

AM:Where do you see yourself in five years?

LM: Five years from now I see myself traveling and spreading the message  of the anti-suicide campaign. I see the campaign spreading nationally and internationally. I see myself helping people everywhere find their purpose in life and helping them to live in that purpose full time.

AM: Name something that you’ve always wanted to do

LM: To be honest the thing that I’m doing right now with the campaign is the thing that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to encourage people and show them that although things seem bad you can make it out. We always see the “before” stories but I want to show people the “after”. For instance, what happened after that night you didn’t take your life. What happens after you realize God birthed you for a very specific reason. What happens after you choose to live? What happens after you realize that the battle truly is not yours? What happens when you go to God and allow him to intercede on your behalf? What happens after you realize you have every reason to live?  Which is why Im excited about my transition into Purpose Coaching. Im in the process of creating a coaching program. I tell people to choose life now! I’d like to go more in depth and begin to help them find their purpose and then coach them into how they can step into that purpose.

What a powerful interview! If you’d like more information on how you can get involved with LaErica and Anti-Suicide Detroit, she’s having a volunteer orientation on December 4th. Visit antisuicidejesusistheanswer.com for more information. Feeling purposeless? Do you wake up everyday feeling like you don’t have a sense of direction when it comes to your life? Let LaErica guide you to the light! She’s relatable, real and great at what she does! She can also be found on Instagram: @certified_fashionista . Give her a shout! She’s really passionate about helping you discover your purpose and just how valuable your life is.

Upcoming Events:

December 19, 2016- 2016 Eviction Notice Project| Register Here

January 14, 2017- Anti-Suicide 3rd Anniversary Party|Register at antisuicidejesusistheanswer.com

Until next time,

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 

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