Restoration with Rodnesha Ross

2017 is staring us in the face and what better way to start off the year than to feature another great Woman who is unapologetic when it comes to sharing her story with the world. This week's feature is on Rodnesha Ross, a mogul who owns three businesses with eight plus years of experiences. Rodnesha… Continue reading Restoration with Rodnesha Ross


Be Shontel, Cheerful, Prayed Up and on Fire

Christmas is next week and who better to feature than someone who is so passionate about her ministry and putting JOY into the world through her walk with GOD. I've been following this week's feature since I first got Instagram. I remember I had a personal Instagram account (no business account existed yet) and I… Continue reading Be Shontel, Cheerful, Prayed Up and on Fire

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December: Inspiration for an Intreprenuer

Written By: Treashure Banks aka The Energy Shifter Anxiety of Separation: The contract employee’s worst nightmare  “Amanda, Can I speak with you for a moment in my office?”  “Of course Ms. Poultry. I’ll be right there.” Amanda hangs up the phone hesitantly. She stares at her reflection within the blank screen of her cell phone.… Continue reading December: Inspiration for an Intreprenuer