Exude Confidence with Dr. Joyvina Evans

I am absolutely honored to introduce this week’s feature. For about two years, I’ve been following Dr. Joy and her inspirational posts. She’s a great role model and a thriving leader in her community and I am so glad to have finally met her in person! Check out my interview with Dr.Joy below as she shares with us her hopes and dreams for the near future.

AM: Dr. JoyYou’re so interesting and inspiring as a person! Could you tell us a little more about yourself? 

Dr. Joy :Well, I am from Flint, Michigan.  I’m the youngest of five.  I am Lead Faculty for a Masters of Public Health Program and Founder/CEO of The Confidence Academy. I am excited to introduce you to the Confidence Academy. Confidence Academy has a mission of empowering and cultivating confidence , courage, character and change in the lives of teen girls and adult women. We offer empowerment calls , workshops, speaking engagements as well as apparel and something new!

fullsizerender-10Confident Bliss is a new body line that I have. It is a body line of handmade body oils as well as soaps. It’s a partnership with Maurita’s Essentials out of Randallstown, Maryland. I’m excited to offer this product. Please visit confidenceacademy.info to find out more about Confident Bliss as well as other services that we offer. Understand this: when you’re confident on the inside, you’re confident on the outside and vice versa.

AM: How did you come about doing what you do now and when was the passion for it born?  
Dr. Joy: I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a “doctor” and a “teacher”.  I had no idea that I would obtain a PhD and become a college professor.  I never thought I would be a business owner and an author.  This was never the plan.  My passion for writing and empowering women came from a season of pain.  When I overcame those difficult moments, I considered it my duty to help other women.
AM: What are your plans going forward and how do you hope to impact society with your vision?

Dr. Joy: I hope to continue empowering women through speaking, books, and conferences. I am planning my first conference for Spring 2017.  I think that confident girls, turn into confident women who understand their worth and value.  Confident women can take on the world.

AM:What does Women Empowerment mean to you? 

Dr Joy: To me, women’s empowerment means supporting other women, encouraging other women and to let women know that everything they need is on the inside of them. To remind them that they have the power to make their dreams come true and to change their community.


AM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Dr. Joy: In five years, I hope to host an annual conference, write at least two more books, and have a non-profit for teen girls.


AM: Other than what was discussed here today, what’s something you’ve always wanted to do.

Dr. Joy: I love traveling.  I have always wanted to travel to Dubai and South Africa.





Well there you have it! Dr. Joy is here to empower us all and while she’s passionate about helping women understand their worth, she’s also very transparent when it comes her journey and understanding her own worth. If you haven’t already check out her website confidenceacademy.info where you can shop her merchandise such as her latest books and super cute t-shirts or to find out more information about how you can become apart of The Confidence Academy.



Until Next Time,

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated


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