Exude Confidence with Dr. Joyvina Evans

I am absolutely honored to introduce this week's feature. For about two years, I've been following Dr. Joy and her inspirational posts. She's a great role model and a thriving leader in her community and I am so glad to have finally met her in person! Check out my interview with Dr.Joy below as she… Continue reading Exude Confidence with Dr. Joyvina Evans


Angel of Fatherless Daughters

It's Autumn 2016 and as I take a look at my surroundings, I see nothing but promotion of positivity, breakthroughs, tragedies turning into triumphs and ambitious women amongst it all of course! I am truly honored to introduce you to Angel Brown, author of the breakthrough book Fatherless Daughter. Fatherless Daughter', a different perspective is… Continue reading Angel of Fatherless Daughters