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Why do a 90 Day Challenge?

Three months ago I was presented with the opportunity of a life time. “You mean I can work on my weight-loss goals and make money at the same time?” It made the most sense and being the strategic person that I am, it also aligned with some other goals I had in mind. I eventually caved and decided to take a leap out on faith…why not? I knew I’d be taking on and investing in yet another business in addition to the one I already had.

I knew  It’d be more time that I’d have to make in my schedule to work my  business but faith without work is dead right? I refuse to be dead in anything that I do. I’m a hard worker and I knew I at least had that going for myself. I was also currently looking for something to invest in that would create an additional stream of income. To be honest, I had seen many things about ItWorks primarily having to do with the “crazy wrap thing”, I’ve done Avon in the past and have been presented opportunities in a plethora of other fields as well, however, this made the most sense during this time of my life.

What really sold me was the fact that someone I consider to be a genuine spirit was doing it and she’s really passionate about it. I thought, “certainly she wouldn’t be endorsing this if it wasn’t legit.” Now, I don’t trust easily but I trusted her so eventually after encountering multiple posts about how great IW is and how I should try products or better yet join a team of people who’re super passionate about the products and see how it actually works, I drank the kool-aide. I decided to sign up as a distributor and haven’t looked back since.

IMG_6624 IMG_7452 IMG_6652

Now, you’re probably thinking that was a brave move especially when I hadn’t even tried the products yet. I prayed on it and I had a good feeling about it so again, I took a leap out on faith. I haven’t regretted it yet and I’m feeling the best that I’ve ever felt. I’ve started leading a healthier lifestyle and no longer hate how I look. The best part is, I’m doing everything at my pace.


Initially, I broadcasted my 90-day Hair, Skin and Nails challenge however, I was working on more than just that. I had weight loss goals, fitness goals and lifestyle change goals. So I did it all! I ordered and took the supplements, I started taking the hair, skin and nails vitamins along with switching over to their face wash and moisturizer. If you’ve ever seen any of my posts then you know my favorite products are the face cleanser and the beloved GREENS ❤

IMG_7292 IMG_6914

Why have I been eagerly sharing these products with you? 

-because the products really do Work!

-because I want you to evaluate your goals and challenge yourself (just do it!)

Anyone that knows me knows I love compliments. I’m receiving more compliments than I ever have since starting my itWorks Adventure. The products love my body and I’m getting so many benefits just because I believed and I have faith. Guess what? It can work for you too!

Strategies for Slaying your 90 Challenge

  • Your challenge should revolve around actual goals that benefit your well being
  • Choose a challenge and hit the ground running
  • document your journey through photos and videos
  • Have willpower but know it’s ok if you’re not seeing results as quickly as you like because everyone’s bodies are different–stick with it
  • Have a coach (someone who’ll hold you accountable and cheer you on along the journey as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have)

Here’s some photos of my personal journey. I know people were speculating and didn’t think I was serious but I was very serious and it’s much more than “selling” you something. I’ve gotten results now it’s your turn! IMG_6241 IMG_7269 IMG_6244 IMG_7231 IMG_7251 IMG_7247 IMG_7279

What else has ItWorks done for me? 

  • It’s made me more productive and focused with my own brand (Ambitious Mix)
  • It’s connected me with people all over the country
  • I’ve created an additional income that allows me to do things that I not only need to do but want to do (like travel) IMG_7490 IMG_7418

It doesn’t work unless you do! It’s the end of the month and I’m looking for two new business partners to sign up with me, get coached by me and live the lit life LIKE ME. We provide training, support and the freedom to run your own business while working towards living a healthier lifestyle and becoming more financially free.


I seriously want you here! Contact me at 734-743-1042 if you’re tired and want to move forwards. You have a choice.  Whether you’re looking to try products or sign on as a distributor, these things can be done via my website

Ps. All of the products are plant based…so au naturale


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