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On The Couch with Brittany Michelle

Today's episode of On The Couch is with local author Brittany Michelle of Epiphanies Within (which I recently finished reading) and CEO of MISSion 31. We'll be talking topics from her book, what I thought about it, her latest business endeavors as a writer and with MISSion 31. Check it out below!

Ambitious Mix Video, interviews

On The Couch With Intuitive Mimi and Chatoya Antwine

This past week, Ms. Chatoya Antwine of A La Carte Galore stopped by Ambitious Mix to enlighten us about her most recent endeavor Creative Coworking. Check out her interview below and her website for all your Career Planning, Travel, Financial and Event Planning needs. Also, be sure to check out her newly launched blog in… Continue reading On The Couch With Intuitive Mimi and Chatoya Antwine