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Business Spotlight: Pretty Girls Come From Detroit

IMG_0603This week, I’m featuring Ashley Harris and her brand Pretty Girls come from Detroit. Ashley was born and raised in the Metro Detroit area and one of the most passionate IMG_0608Detroiters that I’ve come in contact with. She loves her city and wants the world to know that Pretty Girls do come from Detroit. Ashley attended Harper Woods High School and graduated in 2006. She plans to attend Wayne County Community College this fall to continue her education. I’m glad to have caught a quick interview with this Ambitious pretty girl as she tells us why PGCFD came about.



AM: When was it that you decided that Pretty Girls Come From Detroit had to happen?


AH: After several name changes (smile) Pretty Girls come from Detroit started in the fall of 2013. Pretty Girls come from Detroit is designed to empower young women and challenge women to become productive, positive and valuable members of each respected life in our community.

AM: What are your plans for Pretty Girls come from Detroit?

AH: Pretty Girls Come from Detroit will continue to look for opportunities that will IMG_0594enhance women’s lives with new and exciting experiences. (PGCFD) will enable women to participate in decision’s that will affect their future productivity and will promote opportunities for self-improvement.


AM: What do my readers need to know about PGCFD ?


AH: Your Readers should know that all women no matter what economic background, social setting or where they’re from, each women should be given the opportunity to shine. We are all PRETTY in our own way. Pretty in a person is never how they appear, it is how they act.

IMG_0764AM: Fun Fact about yourself?

AH: I See Pretty in everyone!

Ashley is such a supportive business woman. In fact, you may catch her at many of the local business or networking events as she loves to support everyone! Show your support to one of the most supportive business women in and around Metro Detroit and follow her on IG @prettygirlscomefromdetroit.

IMG_4346 While you’re at it, buy a t-shirt. they’re super cute!

You heard it here as always.

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!



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