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State of The Blogger Address: I’m 26 and still learning

IMG_41862015 has been an interesting year of ups and downs, thus far. As always and throughout the years, I’ve learned a lot. I want to share with you my recent journey (that i’m still on) on walking by faith and not by sight. I’ll admit, sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s not for me to worry about. God has it under control.

I think it’s so easy to get caught up in what should be happening and what we want to be happening that we tend to stress ourselves out from the anxiety that comes with that drive to do more…because we want more. What we often times forget is God has it handled. If it’s supposed to happen, it will. However, you also have to open your ears and heart so you can hear him when he’s guiding you. I heard him.

I heard him when he spoke to me back in March and a few times prior to that but I really heard him when he spoke to me earlier this year. He spoke to me one morning and he told me, “You can have everything that you want in a year and a half but you can’t stay where you are.” I heard the message along with seeing the vision that God wanted me to see. It was all of my heart’s desire. The message….what does it mean to me? What is the significance?

I knew exactly what it meant and as time goes on I’m starting to understand it on a deeper level. He was telling me that it was time to leave my comfort zone. It was time to think outside the box…again. Consider doing things that I may not have chosen to do before, thinking it would not give me the results that I seek. What I’ve come to understand over the years is “you never know.”

The very decisions that we believe won’t help our situations may be exactly what you need to do to get to where you’re trying to go. For example, You may feel like you don’t want to work in a certain industry, despite the fact that you keep getting job offers in that particular industry because you just don’t want to do the job. If something keeps getting presented to you, PAY ATTENTION. Look at the bigger picture. Think about how the particular opportunity can help benefit what it is that you’re trying to do in the long run.

Whether you plan to run your own business or work at the Fortune 500 company of your choice every decision or move you make impacts your destiny whether you believe it or not. You may not want to take that customer service job right now but you need the money. You may also be a person that plans to start a business that’s client based. How does that Customer Service job benefit you when it’s not what you really want to do? It should be obvious but a lot of times people miss the bigger picture. Think about it like this, working that Customer Service job will give you an inside look at what to do and what not to do when dealing with your future clients.

It will teach you how to deal with tough customers as well as how to treat your customers because they’re the ones who’ll be handing you the profits but the profits start with you and the experience that you create for them. Just remember: there is always something to learn and it’s always from a perspective that we did not consider before. I took a leap out on faith a few months ago. I quit my job after obsessing about it for months. I kept going back and forth with myself.

“I need to find another job first,” “but I really can’t stand coming here every day…it’s not what I want to be doing,” “It’s a waste of my time…I could be working somewhere else and making more money,” “I didn’t graduate from college for this.”

These were just some of the many thoughts that crossed my mind during that time. I was especially ready to quit after getting a pretty good yearly review and only being offered a 2% raise which only constituted 34 cents more in my paycheck. I was already struggling to pay my bills every month while also trying to create additional streams of income by building my brand, and business and working there seemed to just further put me in a bind. I felt stuck. The longer I stayed the more depressed I felt (and I’ve never felt depressed in my life).

Most mornings, I didn’t event want to get up because I knew I had to go there. I remember crying in the kitchen one day with a former co-worker who ended up leaving right before me. She also expressed that she felt the same and often times cried before coming to work. So one day, a couple of months ago… I came to work with a completely open mind and told myself that I’d look at the bigger picture. I told myself to just get through the rest of the week and everything would be ok.

That morning, as I sat through the the company meeting…feeling out of place because I knew I didn’t belong there. I held in tears. By 9:30am that morning, I quit. Of course there was something that happened that morning after the meeting that set me off but it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I’ve never in my life left a job without giving a two week notice or without having another job lined up but I did.

I left my previous job with no savings, just what was in my account for the bills that were due at the time. Only a few people knew that I had done this. I decided to keep my rash decision to myself because for one, it was my issue that I had to deal with and for two, people don’t understand things unless they’re going through them. I didn’t need anyone putting negative vibes in the air. I didn’t need anyone trying to make me worry about something that I put in God’s hands. I didn’t need people telling me how crazy it was to do what I did.

I absolutely took a leap out on faith and I refused to worry about being unemployed. I told myself, “Misha, you could be homeless next month…but you won’t be.” I didn’t entertain anything negative happening because I’m at a point in my life where I truly trust in GOD. What happened next month? I was offered a job making more money in an industry that I thought I would never work back in. I’m actually embracing this opportunity as I’m looking at it from a different perspective. I did not truly apply myself in this particular industry before and I’m ready to come in, learn a lot and kill it. Why? because it’s going to benefit my pockets and my brand in the long run.

What I want you to take away from this address today is to keep your eye on the bigger picture and keep your trust in God. Sometimes we have to take a leap out on faith…not knowing what the outcome will be but trusting that it will be of your benefit in the long run. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m still on my journey and the lord is my Shepard. Psalm 23:1

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 


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