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August Ambitious Woman of the Month: Renisha Bishop of Girls Who Love Hip Hop

It’s already August and I’m in my element of course because my birthday is just a few weeks away. August has always marked the beginning of the “back to school” season meaning it also marks the end of Summer Vacation for most of us. It’s bittersweet but we may as well enjoy it. Those that know me, know that I’m such a music head. Aside from writing, it is truly my therapy. This year, I’ve once again decided to feature someone that is all all about music and how it affects women in particular. Though she isn’t a music artist, she shares the same love and passion for music as many of us do, particularly hip-hop.

Native Detroiter Renisha Bishop decided it was time to birth her brand and business Girls Who Love Hip-Hop due to the fact that Hip-Hop is a male dominated industry.IMG_20140716_221529

“One day I was just thinking, why aren’t there any hip-hop sites for women consumers?” -Renisha Bishop, Girls Who Love Hip-Hop.

Check out my interview with the brand’s owner and find out why she decided to go ahead with this unique idea.

AM: Why did you decide Girls who love hip hop had to exist?
RB: Hip-Hop is a male dominated industry and one day I was just thinking why
there aren’t any hip-hop sites for the women consumers? I wanted to create
a space for women who loved hip-hop just as much as the guys do.

AM: What’s it like being in business for yourself?
RB: It’s hard work. I’m learning daily.

AM: What is your favorite thing about GWLHH?
RB: My favorite thing about GWLHH is that we’re different and we’re a team of
all women writer’s. It’s very empowering.

AM: What sets your publication aside from all the other hip hop blogs?
RB: Good question! We’re striving to be an online destination for hip-hop
music while also providing other topics such as health tips and girl talk.
AM: Fun Fact about yourself
RB: My favorite movie is Brown Sugar

AM: Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?
RB: Follow your heart and keep God first. Don’t let anyone discourage you from
chasing your dreams.


AM: Where will GWLHH be in five years? #Goals
RB: One of the leading hip-hop sites where people will be able to hear from
their favorite artist as well discover new music.


Be sure to check out the blog and follow GHLHH on social media.

IG: @girlswholovehiphop

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Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 


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