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Business Spotlight: MISSion.31

This week’s business spotlight is on an organization called MISSion.31 and is headed by Brittney Michelle, author of Epiphanies Within.
MISSion 31 is a youth mentoring organization established with a purpose to teach, mentor, and inspire young ladies in grades 6 through 12, by strengthening their decision-making skills and self-confidence.
According to Brittney, the organization currently serves the Metropolitan Detroit Area (Wayne, Washtenaw, Oakland, and Macomb counties), but hopes to spread to other areas including Grand Rapids, Chicago, Washington D.C., and more.
 “After graduating from college, I felt the urge to give back to my community and encourage young girls in ways that my mentors had always encouraged me. I could have very easily joined one of the many mentoring platforms already in existence, but my friends and I decided to challenge ourselves, step out of the box, and create a program of our own,” Brittney says.
MISSion.31 was founded upon the principles described in Proverbs 31, making it a faith-based organization that always keeps Jesus and walking in purpose at the forefront.
“It is our hope that a young woman who participates in MISSion.31 will grow to be an upstanding, virtuous, focused, and purposeful woman of God,” Brittney says.
For more information visit www.missionthirtyone.org

In addition to being the CEO of MISSion.31 (as mentioned above) Brittney is also the author of a newly published book called, “Epiphanies Within: When Mediocre Living Is No Longer Enough.” Epiphanies Within is a self-help book written to encourage women to activate their best self.
“I talk about everything from love and relationships, to self worth, to following your dreams, to being your own worst critic. It’s a great read for anyone who feels stuck and is in need of some motivation to keep pushing forward towards success,” Brittney says.IMG_0053-2
Epiphanies Within is available now on itsBrittneyMichelle.com, Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.
“Never give up. God planted that seed, that idea, that vision in you for a reason. Don’t worry about how hard it seems, just get out there and make it happen by any means necessary! Do your research, study, network, invest in yourself, and most of all, BELIEVE.” –Brittany Michelle
Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!

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