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What Your Favorite Board Game May Say About You

So a few weeks ago, I attended a barbecue at a friends house and while among friends laughter and drinks we decided to first play Uno which everyone obliged. It got pretty aggressive and competitive but was fun nonetheless. Towards the end of Uno, someone suggested we pay Monopoly. It was suggested earlier so this was really the second time it was brought up.

One person commented and said, “ugh, that game takes too long,” while another responded and others agreed ” no it doesn’t, I’m going to take all your money and it’ll be game over.” Honestly, I laughed and agreed as well, while also pointing out that the imagesgame is all about strategy…it’s what you should be learning while playing the game. We went on with the rest of the night and honestly I didn’t think about that moment again until a few days later while I was doing laundry. I thought it was quite interesting how some of my friends responded to playing the game Monopoly.

11513424364_f48b8cb877_bSurely, their opinions were based on personal experiences that they had while playing the game but then I thought to myself…what if there is similarity in their opinion of Monopoly as there is to the game that is our lives. Does their responses reflect how they feel about their lives when it comes to business ordeals? Honestly, from what I know about each of the people, their responses were right on. There were some people in the room that are known for always taking the “easy” route or in regards to this, the route that will get the faster result.

While those who were for playing the game, are people that I know aren’t against working hard and strategic. They possess ambition but are strategic in their endeavors with long-term wealth being the end goal  and by any means necessary. They were people that were willing to do what ever it took to get to where they wanted to go even if it meant going down the longer road. It’s interesting when you think about it on a deeper level isn’t it?

In life, there’s always a deeper meaning to EVERYTHING. Of course this is purely speculation and solely just my opinion based on observation, however, I do feel as if i’m on to something here.  So what do you guys think? Does your favorite board game say a lot about who you are as a person? I’d love to hear your take on this!

Until then, Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!

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1 thought on “What Your Favorite Board Game May Say About You”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with what you said about there being a deeper meaning behind everything. If you, (speaking generally) think deeper or analyze things a bit, like I do, you’ll have a deeper understanding of certain things, but that comes from being able to pay attention to detail.


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