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July Ambitious Woman of The Month: Meisha Pigford of Dream Celebrations Inc

As a journalist, it is my job to get the “inside scoop” while reporting and I was able to do just that as I shadowed my July Ambitious Woman of the Month on a few occasions.
IMG_0277 IMG_0279 IMG_0307

I shadowed her while she trained a group of newly hired staff. I also shadowed her while acting as her personal assistant for the day while she worked a wedding.

Misha and Meisha

I thank her for allowing me to be adjoined to her hip while observing what makes her business thrive.

IMG_0421This month, I’m featuring event planner, Meisha Pigford of Dream Celebrations, Inc.

Dream Celebrations just turned one-years-old a few weeks back so I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you to this up and coming event planning establishment. Just to give you a bit of background on this Ambitious woman, she is an Eastside of Detroit native IMG_0442and owner of Dream Celebrations, Inc, in which she says is a full-service event planning and design company located in Southfield, MI but serves all throughout Michigan and surrounding states. IMG_0458DC specializes in planning, decorating and coordinating weddings, social gatherings and corporate events. Meisha has obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University and went on to received a Master’s degree in Human Resources from Michigan State University. While studying for her master’s, she had the unique opportunity to study abroad in both Berlin, Germany and also South Africa at Nelson Mandela University.

“For the past eight years, I have worked for some of the most admired Fortune 100 companies within their HR departments and have had roles with increasing responsibilities. I have been involved with planning and decorating for the past five years. I’ve planned corporate and social events/weddings that ranged between 10 – 1000 attendees,” she says.

Meisha has had an abundance of opportunity come her way but she knew it’d be only a matter of time before she’d have to address what she felt her purpose and passion was. See her interview below to see when and why she decided to go into business for herself and what her advice is to aspiring entrepreneurs.

AM: When did you decide that Dream Celebrations had to come to life?

MP: When my fear of not attempting the unknown became greater than my comfort of the known. I had planned a retirement party for one of our employees(at my previous job) and as I was sitting there, I thought to myself, “If I keep working, I’ll have a retirement party one day. When that time comes, I don’t want to wonder what-could-have-happened-if-I-had-started-my-own-company? I’ll just try it now!” At that point, I decided to take something that I was doing passionately part-time and make it my passionately full-time purpose! 

AM: What’s it like being in business for yourself? IMG_0329

MP: Three words: exciting, challenging and rewarding. I’m so excited to learn new things, each day is different. I’m excited to take the lead of bringing my vision into fruition. I get to practice empathizing with others – really trying to listen to what they want and find new ways to attract my ideal client. The word challenging comes to mind because now there are multiple things to juggle, so prioritizing has become very important. Sometimes, it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day! I’d also say rewarding because when you are a factor in blessing someone else by using talents given to you, it is the greatest feeling of all. It makes everything that you went through, going through and about to go through– all worth it. I heard it best said, “as an entrepreneur, you take on the risk but you reap all the rewards.”  

AM: What is your favorite thing about your business?

MP: Every day is different, but I still get to be creative. I love meeting new people and earning their trust for me to execute one of the most important days of their lives whether it’s for a wedding, baby shower, grand opening or any other special occasion with family and friends. 


AM: Why should we hire you?

MP: Our clients hire us because they are looking for an experience and they want to feel like a guest at their own event. We take their ideas and elevate them to the next level. We’ve been quoted saying, “We do it BIG”. We go above & beyond to do it BIG, whether that’s an over-the-top centerpiece, a surprise dance routine, booking live performances, an elaborate draped backdrop, managing large attendees or whatever else the couple needs to feel like their event is bigger than anything they could have imagined. We create that “wow” atmosphere that leaves guests talking about it for years. That’s how our slogan came about, “Turning dreams into memories”. 


AM: Where do you see yourself in 5 – 10 years?

MP: In 5 – 10 years, I see myself owning multiple Dream Celebrations across the United States. I will be viewed as an Industry Leader administering events nationwide and internationally for clients and celebrities. 

IMG_0434AM: Fun Fact about yourselfIMG_0384

MP: Fun fact about myself is I have a shoe fetish, (what girl doesn’t) and I really like playing miniature golf (putt-putt)! Also, some people think because I have a soft voice, that I can sing…. But I can’t, so I practice throughout the day while my husband shakes his head! By the way, he is so supportive of everything I do – much love and respect goes to him!

AM: Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

MP: You Can  Do  It!

IMG_0419There will be days that you second guess yourself, other days when those you thought would support you… won’t. You may even feel like giving up. There will be tears. BUT, it will all pay off. I can’t give you a timeline, you have to answer to your own belief system. The thing is, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” I love that quote from Henry Ford. Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination. Nothing happens overnight. Save as much money as you can because once you are in business for yourself, the money goes quickly in the first year. Also, don’t think that you won’t have to answer to anyone, because you are your own boss…. FALSE! Now every client you come across will be your boss and anyone that they interact with. You are always on an interview for your next potential client. You never know who is watching, so stay true to yourself, remain humble, and possess strong values/morals/integrity. Keep God first, pray and have fun!

Follow @dreamcelebrations4u on IG to see some of Meisha’s work or visit www.dreamcelebrationsinc.com

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!

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