Ambition For Sale: How to Be More Ambitious While Pursuing the Ambitious Lifestyle

On June 19,  2015, I published a compilation of my most productivity focused blog posts in ebook format on Amazon.com. It’s titled Ambition For Sale: How to be more AMBITIOUS while seeking the ambitious lifestyle. I decided to titled it that because most people believe ambition is something you’re born with but that’s not true. Ambition has all to do with your mindset and how you deal with things. Have I not been trying to sell you the idea of being more ambitious in all that you do, for the last two years?

A4s new cover

Now, I am literally SELLING you ambition in this comprehensive guide that i’ve created just for you to become more ambitious, more focused and it serves as a reputable resource to help you stay motivated on the daily. For the first week, I made it available on Amazon.com, Ambitiousmixllc.com and free for my newsletter subscribers. Now, i’ve teamed up with Amazon.com and Ambition For Sale is only available via their website for the next 90 days, however, we’re running a free download promotion that starts 6/28 and runs until 7/2. So, that means for five whole days, you’re able to download my very first ebook for free. I encourage you to take advantage of that and I welcome any feedback/reviews on Amazon.com. Every little bit helps! Let’s help the world get more ambitious because as I always say, I want to see everyone win. While some of us are naturally driven, others just need an extra push and the push is getting them to read this easy to follow ebook in hopes that it’ll change their mindset.


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 


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