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Business Spotlight: NeCole Dash Productions

As promised, I am giving you more Metro Detroit based business and organization spotlights. Today, I want to introduce you to NeCole of NeColeNecole Dash Dash Productions. The company specializes in fashion forward and short films while continuing to build a business based around performing and Visual Art.
Based out of Ypsilanti, MI, NeCole says the production company is her premier brand under the NeCole Dash brand.
“NDP produces Photography, Film, Marketing and Branding for many corporate or creative Companies,” she says.
The spunky photographer says she knew upon enrolling at Eastern Michigan University that she needed to have her own business.
“It was hard for me to maintain my bills, class work and also just enjoy life a little,” she says.
“So I created my own business by using the talents god gave me.”
     Aside from owning and managing NeCole Dash Productions, she also blogs at DashDiary.com, is the president of Fashionality at Eastern Michigan University, is a host on EMUTheMix and works as the marketing director for 21Elements Magazine.
She definitely meets the criteria of a person that’s living the ambitious lifestyle.
Her advice to those looking to start their own business or organization is to “just do it.”
“I know it sounds cliche but just do it. Research, plan and execute. Have faith that your plan will work and no matter how many people believe in your vision, stay focused and believe in YOURSELF with god by your side,” Necole says.
     If you’d like to follow this young lady’s journey, check out her website http://necoledash.com to see all the awesome photos she’s taken and by all means hire her if you’re looking for a fashion photographer or videographer. She’s really good from what I can see and just an FYI, NDP was the one who shot the photos and video for Strut in her Shoes’ —Strut in the City event !
Until next time.
Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!
Instagram: @Necoledash , @Ambitiousmixblog, @Strutinhershoes
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2 thoughts on “Business Spotlight: NeCole Dash Productions”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this article she know her business I really like seeing young women entrepreneurs. ZWM


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