Review: Ladies Night Out with Strut in the City

It was a muggy Friday night but we were off the water so it was cool depending on where you were. The view and atmosphere made up for the muggy but cool weather where you couldn’t decide if you were hot or cold.  Feeling like a woman in her menopause stages I consistently fanned myself while sipping my Patron Mango Margarita and catching up with some of the ladies that I’d previously met at other events. The margarita was compliments of a nice gentleman that I’d met at the bar (earlier that evening) while waiting for the event to start because (yet again) I’d arrived too early. Where was I, you wonder?


IMG_0012At 7pm on a Friday, local women empowerment organization Strut in Her Shoes hosted their monthly “Strut in the City” ladies night out event at Andiamo off the River (Downtown Detroit). The event was free and we were to just pay for our dinner (if we decided to eat there) although the organization did provide complimentary appetizers. Upon RSVP of the event, I had no idea where the event would be held as the event ticket said “at a secret location.” Erikka Simpson, one of the founders of SIHS says all of the ladies night out events will be coordinated in the same fashion. I did however receive an email about a week away from the event with the itinerary and location. I will say it was fun to be surprised and to find out later what it was that we’d be doing while at the event.



We were also told to wear “black” as there would be a photoshoot after dinner. The little-black-dress theme was perfect for a ladies night out event. At each ladies seat was a little pink box that contained mints and an inspirational message. Somehow, each lady received a message that was pertinent to their life…well I know I did. IMG_2627

There were about eleven girls present at the dinner table including the two photographers. Brittany Michelle, newly published author of a book called Epiphanies Within: When Mediocre Living is No Longer Enough, headlined the event. During dinner, she led a discussion from one of the chapters in her book. She chose Epiphany 2, “Learn from your mistakes and grow from your heartache.” Each chapter is not a chapter number but rather an epiphany followed by a quote from a song. She chose to use a quote from the song “Doing It Wrong” by rapper Drake (off of his Take Care album… my favorite album of his in case you forgot).IMG_0053

“We live in a generation of, not being in love and not being together…but we sure make it feel like we’re together…cause we’re scared to see each other with somebody else.” -Drake

Brittany then asked each of us the following questions, “What does a situation-ship mean to you and at what point does a situation-ship become talking? Do you think there are pros and cons to situation-ships? What are some of the mistakes that you think we make (as women)?” It was a great opportunity to talk amongst each other as women without worrying about our business being spread. Erika emphasized that nothing was to leave the room so I think that put a lot of women at ease.

IMG_0026 IMG_0027

I had a great time last night and I’ll definitely be going to the next one. I don’t get the chance to do many “girls night out” events and I think I should be allowed at least one a month as well as you. I hope to see you at the next outing! Be sure to follow Strut in Her Shoes on Instagram to stay up to date on everything happening within the organization as well as events. Another reason to follow the organization is to simply be empowered. Strut in Her Shoes is all about women empowerment and if you’re looking for a platform to share your story then you should definitely get involved with the organization. Another awesome thing about attending the event is the wonderful women that I met there (some I already knew) but also just hearing about their organizations as well.

The women behind Strut in Her Shoes- Shawnte, Ashley and Erikka
The women behind Strut in Her Shoes- Shawnte, Ashley and Erikka

Stay tuned as I’ll be doing features on each of the women that attended the event and their organizations to better inform you about their purpose.


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 



Strut in Her Shoes- @strutinhershoes

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