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Intuitive Mimi on the Importance of Mentoring

FullSizeRender copy 2You ever find yourself thinking, “what’s wrong with these kids!?” If you’re guilty of this then I commend you! It means you’ve recognized the lack of guidance within our youth and care enough to be bothered by it. Are you bothered enough to do something about it? Do you care enough to realize that the solution is not always to do with parenting? Many of the youth you see today have grown up without moms and dads and some were even orphans or have grown up in the foster care system. It’s an easy feat to blame “not knowing any better” off of the reasons I’ve named but their’s really no excuse as to why these youth can’t be  saved. Yes, there are a lot of bad influences in our society and neighborhoods but we don’t have to let them influence us. I’m speaking to both our youth and elders. If you fall in the category of “the youth”, I just want you to know that your circumstances don’t have to be your destiny. I want you to know that anything can happen good as well as bad. You can do anything  you put your mind to and I’m not just telling you that, I’m a living example. If you feel as though your surroundings are not the best but you know you want more than what you’ve been brought up around, then strive for that! Find someone that can help inch you closer to the path that you need to be on. What you’ll need is not only friends who share similar goals for their own lives but also someone whose been where you’re trying to go and can help guide you along the way. What I’m referring to is a Mentor.

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What is a Mentor?

According to, a Mentor is “1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. 2. An influential senior sponsor or supporter.” Pay close attention to the meaning of the word. If you decide to seek a mentor out, and I hope you do, it should be someone that is influential in the field that you’re planning on going into. You’ll gain so much knowledge from a person of influence because they’ll be a person whose passionate about doing the job. You can’t just allow anyone to mentor you. You have to be strategic and you have the right to be picky. Don’t allow people to waste your time! Sometimes, people look to place themselves in your life because they see something in you that they feel they can benefit off of. Beware of these type of people! They tend to want to pray on the young because they assume you’ll be naive. Be sharp, intuitive and be certain about what it is that you want to do. If you’re not certain about that yet, then my advice would also be to seek out a school counselor (if you’re still in school) or a vision coach for those that are not. Do it as early as you can! The younger you set out on your journey to what you deem success, the better advantage you’ll have in the business world and life in general.

Now to my influential adults and elders:

We have everything in the world to say about our youth. We constantly talk about how lost this generation is and how these kids priorities are jacked up but many of us aren’t doing much about it. Why is that? Are you too busy worrying about yourself? You have the fame and followers, why not use it towards a greater purpose rather than fame and popularity? Why not change someone’s life with your guidance and knowledge of the world?

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Why should you become a Mentor? 

To make a difference in your community and the world! As I stated above, the issue with our youth being so “lost” as we put it is because of the lack of parenting in their lives while growing up. Many were even betrayed by adults that they thought they could trust and look up to. Be a positive influence in their lives. Be someone they can trust. Everybody needs somebody and by all means don’t be the person who takes advantage of your role as a Mentor. I hear about things like this happening way more than I’d like to (but i won’t get into that). Operate in God’s image and simply bring GOOD WILL to someone else’s life. It’s the best thing you can do as a person. Instead of criticizing, try to understand. Give patience, be kind and raise that boy/girl up so they can then operate in God’s image and hopefully the cycle of good will repeat itself.

Big Brother Big Sister is not the only organization with a mentorship program. There are people all over looking to give back and need people like you to join them in the movement! Looking for a mentoring program to join? These organizations are looking for mentors and young individuals to mentor. I’ve included their Instagram handles below. Check out these organizations in and around Metro Detroit.

Mission 31 IG: @mission31

Pink Detroit IG: @PinkDetroit

Virtue-Girls With A Purpose IG: @Virtuegwap

I Am Young Ambitious and Beautiful IG:Iamyab

Lady of Virtue IG: @Ladyofvirtueorg


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 

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