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June Ambitious Man of The Month

How is it already June !? Six months went by so fast and so much has happened! Wow. I’m not complaining at all especially because it is officially “Summer Time” and –NO SNOW for at least a few more months (God willing) ūüôā I don’t know about you but my June is already packed tight with work and events but in the mist of all that, I’m living my life on purpose, so busy is OK. This month, I’m featuring an up and coming music artist from Jamaica who currently resides in Connecticut. He is all about following your dreams as we all are here at Ambitious Mix and just wants to share his story with the world as he does frequently through his music videos on Youtube and his video shorts on IG. He’s deep to say the least and I recommend you check out his works after reading this interview. If you’re a fan of real lyricism then you’ll soon become a fan of his. My June Ambitious Man of the month is Stephen Furze who goes by the stage name Steve Gunna. Check out his interview to find out why he chose music as his outlet.
Steve Gunna 3-2AM: Where are you from and where do you currently reside?
SG: Originally from Jamaica, moved to NYC. Now residing in Hartford, CT.
AM: Being an artist, it’s obvious that you have to draw your inspiration from multiple sources so what is it that really inspires you?

SG: Growing up in Jamaica and not having access to a lot of things is probably my biggest motivation. Not being able to have food all the time is one of the things that sits in the back of my mind. I have always been motivated by these circumstances and whatever path I chose to make a career out of, I would have had the same drive because of it. It just so happens, I really like using words to express myself and I see the impact music can have on people so I also get inspired by idea of challenging myself to tell a story while making it concise and powerful (if that makes sense).
AM: I watched a few of your music videos and one thing that drew me in is that you’re a storyteller. I tend to value artists more when I can follow the story that they’re trying to tell. What is your story? What is it that you’re trying to convey to your listeners?
“Truly believe in yourself, dictate your future by finding out what makes you happy and commit to whatever that is.” ¬† -Steve Gunna
SG: My story is that I am a young guy from a poverty-stricken country, who has an opportunity to use music as a tool to inspire people. I didn’t grow up in the best neighborhood, and I didn’t really have a stable home life but I was able to prosper despite that and was able to graduate college at 22, with my bachelor’s degree. I am determined to be the voice for our generation who¬†is experiencing a huge feeling of anxiety, turmoil and frustration. My message to my listeners is to truly believe in yourself, dictate your future by finding out what makes you happy and commit to whatever that is. Life is all about growing so I encourage my listeners to continue to challenge themselves and pay attention to what is going on around them. Be the change you want to see in the world!
AM: I’m really big on setting goals so what some goals that you’re looking to accomplish within the next 5-10 years?¬†
SG: In the next five years, I want to be a successful artist touring the world and continue sharing stories. I want to release a few albums and continue to evolve as a person and artist.

AM: What should my readers know about Steve Gunna, the music artist?

SG: A passionate artist with a great desire to share stories that can impact people’s every day life. I Steve Gunna 1-2 write everyday whether it’s a poem, a note about a unique experience or a song, so I am working on my craft every single day. I believe I should be honest in my music at all times because I’m human so I want to be as transparent as much as possible¬†so people can see the real me. I’m addicted to music. I spend more hours out of my day writing or recording than sleeping.
¬†Be sure to follow this young man and his journey on IG @SteveGunna and if you’re feeling his music, be sure to support him by buying his new single “L.O.S.T” on iTunes.
Website: SteveGunna.com 
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Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated

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