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Hidden Gem App Spotlight: Coursera

I’ll be the first to say “school isn’t for everybody,” in fact, some prefer independent study. With the rising cost of college tuition every year, it makes it rather difficult to want to enroll in a college course let alone complete an entire program but some do and others may decide to not to rack up the thousands of dollars in debt. Fortunately, we’re now living in the age of free information. Not only is it super easy to just research what we want to know online, there are even opportunities to take free classes online. Want to know how? Keep reading!

Last year, a friend of mine told me about a website that offers free college level courses. I remember at the time she wrote the web address down on a post-it as if it was top secret and she didn’t want anyone to hear her telling me about it. When I got home, I pulled the website up to see if it was legit. I can honestly say,”It’s as legit as it gets.” The instructors are real professors that work at real universities all over the world and they even allow you to purchase a certificate for an additional fee.

I’ve kept this little hidden gem to myself while only sharing its existence with select friends but I can’t hold it in anymore! As I always say, I want everyone to win and this website is such a great resource especially for those looking to further their knowledge base on a strict budget. Well, look no more!  If you’ve not already discovered it, I’m here to spill the beans. 🙂  My hidden gem spotlight is on a website and application called Coursera.

Coursera has so many course offerings for you to utilize in categories such as social psychology to digital marketing and it’s super easy to get signed up! I’m so very excited that we have this free resource to use and at our fingertips. I’ve taken a few classes such as Advertising and Society, Understanding Media by Understanding Google and Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills. Education has always been a high priority in my life so this awesome resource is amazing to say the least (for me) because it allows me to keep furthering my education without the stress of tuition.

Are there any hidden gem apps that you’d like to share with me and my readers? I’d sure love to know what resources you’re using to keep your mind fresh (that many of us may not know about). As always feel free to comment below and be sure to check out

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